Breed: Husky mix
Age: 10 years old

Dogs: Yes, please! Another friendly dog in my home is a must.
Cats: Proper introductions only please!
Kids: Older only, please!

Medical: Decreased mobility as is common in senior dogs. Pain medication to be explored. Needs to be neutered. Covered by rescue. Dental extractions needed and will be done at the same time as his neuter. Also covered by rescue.

Adoption Fee: $750

Introducing Tao, a delightful 10-year-young pup retired sled dog with a heart full of charm! Tao’s welcoming party at the door includes wagging his tail and offering his back for some well-deserved pets.

Indoors, he’s low on energy, preferring to spend most of his time napping. Tao has a knack for finding the coldest spot in the house to snooze, and he’s a fan of open windows that let in the chilly breeze. He’s a social butterfly with fellow dogs, often charming them with a cute little “awoo” to initiate playtime. His love for dogs shines bright!

While crate training is a work in progress due to his size, Tao is a non-destructive sweetheart who prefers outdoor adventures over confinement. He has no bad habits, just a soft spot for chicken and a nose for cooking aromas.

On walks, Tao’s leash etiquette varies between 50% pulling and 50% enthusiastic sniffing, but his harness helps manage the excitement. He’s good with other dogs and cats, though his interaction with small kids is uncertain. While Tao is a gentle boy, due to his size and age, older kids would be best.

Tao is a shy boy who values canine companionship and a bit of personal space. He’s content to nap and relax independently, but he’ll gladly accept pets when you offer them. Brushing sessions are a favorite pastime, and his voice makes rare appearances during dog sightings or snowy days.

Although Tao is not demanding of constant human attention, he would thrive in a home with a canine buddy who can show him that humans are pretty great too. A yard would be a bonus, as he enjoys chasing birds and savoring the snow.

If you’re looking for a sweet, low-energy companion who adores dogs and has a soft spot for chilly weather, Tao might be the perfect addition to your home. Give this charming boy the loving forever home he deserves!