Breed: Elkhound mix. Age: Approximately 3 years. Size: Medium (approx 35lbs) ✅Spayed

✅Dogs. ✅Dog savvy kids. ❓Cats. Untested. Medical: Positive for Lyme disease. Will need a retest in six months to ensure antibiotics worked as intended. [rescue covers cost] Energy Level: Medium – High

Adoption Fee: $750

Hi! I’m Tika. I was originally a puppy mill mamma but made my way to a better life and am now ready for a forever home! I just LOVE other dogs so my ideal home would include one or at least very regular play dates. I read dog body language well and can easily integrate with them.

I also love to chew on toys but I do like to destroy them so please make sure that you monitor me or give me something like a kong to chew on. I can be destructive if not exercised properly so please make sure I get my walks, have proper toys, and have dog friends to play with! I am crate trained so can be safely left alone.

I do need patience when it comes to a new environment. Coming from a puppy mill, there’s lots of things that I have never experienced before. I’m currently working on not being nervous while walking on tile floor (or am I playing a long, elaborate game of ‘the floor is lava’ hmmm).

I really like to be pet so make sure you add that to my list of demands. If I sound like the dog for you, apply today!