Tinker | Accepting applications

Age: 8 years old.                              Breed: Pointer mix
Medical: None
Size: Medium (approx 50 lbs)
Special Needs: None
✅Dogs, with slow, proper intros.
✅Dog savvy cats
✅Dog savvy kids

Our sweet Tinker spent the first 8 years of her life in the same dog shelter with our partners at BETA. She is still adjusting to her big move to Canada and to foster care. There are a lot of things about life in Ottawa that puzzle her.  It was almost two weeks until her foster parents saw her wag her tail for the first time. 

However, Tinker LOVES people. She looks to the humans around her for reassurance and affection and will happily let herself be petted by someone she has just met. She doesn’t hesitate to give her foster parents a light smack with her paw if they’re slacking off on their belly-rubbing duties. 

Tinker is a gentle and undemanding girl. She likes to spend the day on her special spot on the couch with her favourite toy. In fact, she needs to be bribed with treats to get off the couch for walks. She occasionally gets bursts of energy where she’ll trot around the room or chase after her toys. She is quite playful once she gets fully comfortable in her environment. 

Tinker gets a B- for leash walking.  She’s not the best at walking in a straight line and tends to zigzag around.

Tinker is good with dogs, although she is uneasy if the other dog comes on too strong. She also shares her home with two cats. She is curious about them and will sometimes follow them around the room, but for the most part she is content to observe them from a safe distance. She has never shown aggression toward them and given her personality, she’s probably more scared of them than anything else! She is house-trained. She did pee in the house during her first week in foster care. This was a fear-based behaviour as opposed to lack of house-training, and the accidents stopped when she got used to her new home. 

Does this shrinking violet sound like your perfect match? Do you have the patience to help her come out of her shell?

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