Val (Valiant) | Accepting applications

Age: 3 years old Breed: Husky Energy Level: High Medical: Very minor tartar buildup on teeth. Special Needs: Val needs to lose a few pounds so weight loss food or strict calorie monitoring, please! ✅Dogs ❓Cats ❓Kids

Meet Val, a shelter pull from Quebec! Like a typical husky, he LOVES his walks. Easily spending at least two hours a day walking with his foster human, Val’s ideal family is an active one that loves spending time outside. A secure backyard would be an added bonus!

Val is a great leash walker unless he spots a squirrel or rabbit that he wants to visit. Because of this high prey drive, cats and other small animals are not recommended.

Val is not a fan of his crate but is fully house trained, non destructive when left alone, & shows no signs of separation anxiety.

Val is described by his foster human as very gentle and docile. He is quiet unless he is about to go for a walk. Val will show his excitement by spinning in circles and chatting away, making a strong case as to why his human should hurry up.

Val currently lives with a dog and is friendly & curious when meeting dog friends on walks. A playmate would be ideal but Val would also be okay as an only pet.

Not overly food motivated, continuing Val’s weight loss should be a breeze. Other than minor tartar buildup on his teeth, this healthy boy is ready to find his forever home!

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