Travelling the Rocky Road

In the best of all possible worlds, all dogs would be well-bred, well-loved, and well-adjusted.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world. The dogs who reach us have been travelling a very rocky road. So they generally need more than just a babysitter until they are adopted. They need training, sometimes intensive training, to deal with behaviours like:

  • Anxiety or fearfulness
  • Excessive barking or howling
  • Poor leash behaviour
  • House training
  • Crate training
  • Adjustment to human contact
  • Resource-guarding/aggression
  • Destructiveness

Some of our dogs are more resilient or adaptable than others and adjust to loving, structured homes quickly. Others have either never learned appropriate pet behaviour or have developed bad habits that get them the attention or resources they want. In fact, some of the dogs in our care need so much work that we list them as “Travelling the Rocky Road” rather than “Available” or even “Coming Soon.” They will be on their journey for a few months of work before they will even be ready to meet potential families. We accept that because we really want their next home to be their forever home.

How We Do It

First, our core leadership team has extensive experience with troublesome dogs (and regular dogs, of course). They especially love larger dogs who are often more difficult to rehome.

Second, we have a number of very experienced fosters who know how to handle these behaviours.

Third, we have a close partnership with Street Wise Canine, one of the Ottawa region’s best dog-training and rehabilitation experts. We send some of our more difficult cases for a board-and-train intensive rehabilitation, and we also send our fosters for “lifestyle behaviour” classes with the Street Wise team. We consider this an investment in the fosters as well as in the dogs.

Fourth, between our core team, our experienced fosters, and Street Wise Canine, we support our foster homes all the way.

Fifth, we take great care in finding the right forever home for our dogs. Generally, the more difficult it has been to rehabilitate a dog, the more likely it is to need a very structured home environment and a really strong leader. If they are given too much freedom, they will become anxious and disruptive, so we place them appropriately.

Please Be Patient

These dogs are worth the wait and worth the investment of time, structure, and money. While they are on this journey, we will not accept adoption applications for them, but their profiles will be on the site. Please follow along as they make progress toward their happy tails and happy tales!

Here are some of the dogs that are currently travelling the rocky road with us.