Hi! We’re Rocky Road Rescue. We make up the humans side of the rescue. We’re all volunteers – no paid positions exist.

How we function: Most of our day-to-day work is virtual and done through FB messenger.

Our 2 person management team reviews surrender applications, are available 24/7 for emergencies, takes care of all vetting, and sweats over our finances. Despite the existence of this team, a lot of our decisions are made by us as a whole.

Our 3 person adoptions team plays Cupid! They review every adoption application, complete initial screening calls, send out adoption contracts, and confirm payment of adoption fees. They find the best possible fit for each dog depending on their individual needs and personality.

Our growing foster coordinator team is responsible for reviewing foster applications, hosting on-boarding calls, and matching dogs with a foster. Each coordinator has a dog caseload and is responsible for daily/weekly [depends on how new the dog is] check-ins with their dogs & fosters, and supports foster families through any challenges they may encounter. They also arrange for all of our fosters to have all of the supplies needed including a crate, a bed, food, treats, toys and anything else we think the pups in care may enjoy!

Our 2 person admin/happy tails team keeps all of our vetting records straight, forwards all vet records, vaccination certificates and microchip numbers off to new adopters, regularly checks in through email to see how a newly adopted dog is doing, and sends updates to our social team for those adorable happy tail posts. It is definitely a huge task!

Our newly revived events team takes the lead in any of our fundraising events. They will be planning some fun activities (may include PUPPY YOGA 😉) to generate some much needed money for our dogs! (Currently looking for more team members!)

Our supply team houses our many donated supplies and drops off or puts items out for scheduled pickups. (Looking for more supply drivers!!)

Our social media team creates posts to showcase our dogs, recruits individuals for open positions, helps out with finding transport volunteers, and promotes events.

While we are divided into teams, we frequently step into other roles to help fill any gaps. If a particular role has sparked your interest, send us a message! Time commitments and responsibilities are built around the individual person.

A note about communication: The team receives a tremendous amount of messages requesting help with either animal neglect, cruelty, or owner surrenders. While we wish we could, we simply cannot respond to all of them. At the end of September, we will have over 60 dogs in our care. While we have a strong team, we are also a small team all with full time paid jobs, families, and dogs of our own. We get it – it’s frustrating to not receive an answer, or to receive one later than you thought you would, especially when dealing with a subject matter that makes emotions run high. Please be as kind as you can – we’re trying not to lose volunteers to mental burnout. Want to help our communication capacity? We’re always looking for more volunteers.

A special shoutout to all of our families – who support us when we cry, put up with random dog appearances, and much more. And to our fosters!! We literally couldn’t do it without you. Thanks to those who travel this rocky road with us – lots of love