This cuddly boy is looking for his forever home!

Meet Scarfy! This velvety sausage is looking for a home where he can give (and receive!) lots of love and cuddles.

His unique face – scar on his lip and big brown eyes – will be sure to melt your heart! He plays nicely but will chew his toys to death, so beware stuffies! Scarfy is crate trained although he can be a bit whiney at first – a stuffed kong is a good way to keep him occupied. No house accidents and no resource guarding for this sweet boy!

He’d love nothing more than to cuddle right up next to you on the couch or in bed – the closer you are the easier it is to give you kisses!

Could this love bug be the boy for you?


Breed: Bull Terrier mix
Colour: Brown with white markings
Age: 6
Size: Medium
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes. However, I can be a little whiney, but a stuffed kong helps
Loose-leashed trained: I currently pull on leash but I’m getting better with my training tool
Commands: Basic commands in French
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Yes

If you are interested in adopting Scarfy, please fill out our Adoption Application.



Meet Yukon the goof-on!

We know this face is cute but please make sure you read Yukon’s full bio as he is looking for a very special family to call his own.

Yukon is a playful, loving guy and his goofy antics will be sure to make you laugh out loud on a regular basis! Best described as a puppy in an adult body, Yukon has a lot of energy and will need a home with a fun loving personality that matches his.

Yukon does get overwhelmed very easily in a number of situations and can become reactive if his behaviour is not well managed. However, his crate is his safe space and he is more than happy to sort himself out in there on his own – but he does like it to be covered! Yukon is also a fan of routine and prefers to have the same person to uncover his crate to let him out for playtime.

Because of these issues, Yukon’s ideal home is a low energy household in a calm environment. Yukon is more than happy to live with other dogs but no cats please! Yukon is also not well suited for a home with young children as his behaviour and environment need to be managed carefully in order to prevent him from becoming overwhelmed.

That being said, if you are willing to put the effort in with Yukon and provide him with the stable environment he needs, you will find yourself with a wonderfully loving and goofy dog who is sure to reward you with lots of comedic moments.

P.S. Breed experience isn’t necessary for Yukon but it would be a great plus! A yard would also be ideal.

Breed: Husky
Colour: Black and White
Age: 1.5 years old
Size: Medium
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: Working on it!
Commands: Sit, down
Dogs: Yes
Cats: No
Children: Older children would be best as I need to be managed closely

If you are interested in adopting Yukon, please fill out our Adoption Application.


Meet Kei, a gentle giant with a side of goof!

Hi, my name is Kei! I am nine years old and I have been pulling sleds my entire life – I think I deserve a good retirement just about now.

I am not familiar with ‘normal’ things, like floors, stairs, and doors, because I have never lived inside a warm and cozy house before, but I will learn. I’m nervous around new things, but once I get used to you, I’m very happy to see you and will show it. If I don’t know you I’ll sniff you, and if I do know you, I’ll greet you with my attempt at a doggy high-five. I prefer to have company and being around another dog, or human, comforts me. If you leave me alone, I will let you know just how UNCOOL that is. I also really love a good snuggle!

My absolute favourite thing to do is to go outside and play in the snow. It reminds me of where I grew up. If we go out for a walk I will probably pull, because I was trained to do that as a puppy, but with my training tool I will walk more slowly. When I’m in the car I like to take naps, so I’m a pretty good passenger! When I’m stressed I can get a sensitive stomach, but just put me on a bland food diet and I will be okie dokie artichokie.

For my ideal home, I would like to be somewhere quiet, with not a lot going on. A fenced in yard would be super cool because I like investigating. I think I was a detective in my past life. I would prefer to have siblings so I don’t get lonely when you’re gone.

Could you be the forever family I’m looking for?

Breed: Husky
Colour: Black and white
Age: 9
Size: Large approx. 60lbs
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Not just yet but I’m working on it!
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: No – this is a work in progress
Commands: None yet but I do know my name!
Dogs: Yes
Cats: No thank you
Children: Unknown – I’ve not met any yet!

These icy blue eyes were made for you, baby.

If you are interested in adopting Kei, please fill out our Adoption Application.


This shy gal is Lady (aka Lady Bird)!

She’s a very nervous dog who is looking for a patient owner willing to give her time and space to get used to new things and new people. Lady would love to have a space to run and someone to give her lots of scratches – but only when she’s ready of course!

Lady wants very much to be your friend, but after a long life lived in fear she is now very tentative. She needs time to get used to anyone new and prefers if you let her make the first move.Once she is comfortable in a new environment her playful side comes out. Loud noise or sudden movements startle her, so a home without too many people, no kids, and no cats would be best.

She is used to spending working hours and nights in her crate but would much prefer to be running outside. She’s still learning that her crate is her safe space and may whine for a bit upon entry. With her nose to the ground most of the time (typical hound!) Lady does pull on leash for the first 15 minutes of a walk. As she gets rid of her excess energy, she gradually slows down to a more reasonable pace but still wants to be in the lead. She is about 8 years old (although her grey hair makes her look older) but sometimes has the energy of a 2 year old!

Could this lovely Lady be the one for you?

Breed: Hound mix
Colour: Tan and grey
Age: Approx. 8 years ol
Size: Medium
Sex: Female, spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes, however I do whine sometimes
Loose-leash trained: Working on it! I do pull on leash but only because there’s just so much to smell!
Commands: I respond to my name and will sit for treats
Dogs: Yes, other dogs help me gain some confidence, however, I would do best with canine siblings that will respect my space.
Cats: No, I like to chase
Children: No young children as I’m still skittish around loud noises and sudden movements

If you are interested in adopting Lady, please fill out our Adoption Application.

Nathan – Adoption Pending!

Meet Nathan – a little white terrier who will take up a big space in your heart.

Nathan is now ready to search for his forever home and boy is he excited. Nathan loves to play and go on adventures with his humans – no amount of snow will stop this little guy from his playtime! Nathan is definitely happiest with a toy in his mouth, so he is looking for a fun-loving family to welcome him into their arms.

Nathan is fully house trained and would love to have a good snuggle sesh in bed with you at night (if you’ll let him!). He is more than happy to live with another dog or two and is okay with dog savvy cats, but please no children. As he is a mixed breed, we are unsure whether he is hypoallergenic or not.

Nathan’s ideal home would be with an active family in a detached house as Nathan does suffer from some separation anxiety and can be noisy as a result of this. Nathan will also need a family that is willing to crate him to keep him out of trouble when he is not being supervised.

Could this little guy be the perfect addition for your family? He can’t wait to hear from you!

Breed: Terrier mix
Colour: White
Age: 1.5 years
Size:  Small, approx 22lbs.
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped 
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: Yes
Commands: A very small amount of French
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes, dog savvy ones only
Children: No 

If you are interested in adopting Nathan, please fill out our Adoption Application.

Alaska – Adoption Pending!

Are you looking for a jogging partner and cuddle bug? Look no further, Alaska is for you!

Hi I’m Alaska! I like to play, run and bother my foster mom for LOTS of snuggles! I get along great with my foster dog-brother, but sometimes he has to remind me to be gentle.

I spend my days playing with my toys or sleeping until my foster mama gets home. That’s when the fun starts, she takes me to the park where me and my foster brother get to run around! Sometimes I’m too busy playing that I don’t hear when she calls me back, so a fenced in yard would help keep me safe. Since I’m not much of a city slicker, I tend to get a little nervous on walks when loud cars or trucks go by, but I’m learning to stay calm.

I almost forgot! I LOVE meeting new doggy friends so if we’re walking and I see one, be sure to hold on tight because I’ll be so eager to meet them that I might just forget my manners. I hope you have enough patience to work on some leash manners with me.

When I’m inside and I think no one is watching, I like to sneak a little snack for myself from the counter or table, so you should probably keep them clear of any edibles, mmmmm. OR we can share, I’d LOVE that!

But for the most part, I’d like a home where I can hang out with my person(s) and get some love!

So what do you think? Are you ready to be that person?!


Breed: Husky mix
Age: ?
Sex: Female, spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped
Size: Medium
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes, I may whine for a bit but I quickly settle.
Loose leash: This is a work in progress
Commands: Right now I only know “sit” but I am food and toy motivated so I will learn the rest in no time!
Dogs: Yes. On leash I may pull to see them, but that’s only because I love making new friends!
Cats: Yes, but I am scared of them!
Children: My foster mom hasn’t seen me with any children yet but I’m really playful so maybe older children would be better.

If you are interested in adopting Alaska, please fill out our Adoption Application.

Dice – Adoption Pending!

Hi, my name is Dice aka Dicer or Dicer doddle!

I’m a border collie dalmatian mix, about a year old and full of energy, so I’ll definitely need an active forever family! I enjoy a good cuddle, people watching and just being a puppy. I love my foster humans and love it even more when they come home. I enjoy meeting people but I’m not sure about kids or cats yet.

I’m crate trained and sleep in it at night. I don’t mind it during the day but I will whine for a minute or two before settling down. I like my walks but I do pull and foster mama uses a no pull harness which really helps. I like car rides but I’m working on staying in the back seat – I do make a great copilot though.

I love my toys and sometimes I can steal my foster sissy’s before she’s done, but I’m working on trying not to steal them and getting better at it! I love my foster sister and she’s taught me a lot – now I know sit, give a paw and I’ll give you a paw if you rub my ears. I do love a good ear rub.

If you think I’ll make a great soul mate let me know!

Breed: Border collie dalmatian mix
Age: Around a year old
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
Size: Medium, about 40 pounds
House trained: Still has the odd accident but doing well
Crate trained: Yes
Loose leash: Not yet, this is a work in progress! He’s a puller.
Commands: Sit and give a paw
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Unsure
Children: Not sure of yet

If you are interested in adopting Dice, please fill out our Adoption Application.