Meet Mickey – your new singing and dancing partner!

Mickey has been loving life in his foster home with his daily sing songs and dance sessions (he loves to be sung to and loves to dance with people!) but he’s now ready to find his perfect fur-ever home.

Mickey’s ideal owners will be someone who is very savvy with dog body language as understanding this is key to Mickey being the best dog he can be. Sometimes Mickey can display behaviours which may make him look aggressive to the unsuspecting person, but really he just wants some attention as he looooves attention (the big suck).

Mickey is a big snuggler and does enjoy spending time with other dogs, as long as they are respectful, of course. Sometimes Mickey can get a little excited with other dogs around which is not always welcome, but this is easily managed with a confident owner. When Mickey is in a bit of a grump, he finds comfort in his covered crate and easily settles himself down.

Mickey would be happy in a home with or without other dogs, as long as his new owners are able to keep an eye on his body language and comfort levels if he is sharing his new home with another furry pal.

Other than that, Mickey is house trained, crate trained and fully up to date in the latest doggy snuggle strategies. All he needs now is someone to love him and give him his new forever home!

Could Mickey be the one you share your kitchen dance floor with?

Breed: Shepherd mix
Colour: Tan
Age: Approx. 7 years old
Size: Large – but I could do with losing a few pounds!
Sex: Male
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: Working on it (does well using a training tool)
Commands: Sit, stay, down, come
Dogs: Yes, if they are respectful
Cats: Not sure
Children: Not sure

If you are interested in adopting Mickey, please fill out our Adoption Application.


Hi! I’m Arctic and I’m a quiet husky.

I know, it sounds unbelievable, we’re pretty rare to come by, but it’s TRUE! The loudest sound my foster mom has heard from me, is when I yawned. Because I’ve done so much work in my past, I’m ready to relax. So, I’ve been spending all my time on this cozy doggie bed, I’ve never felt anything so soft, myyy goodness!

So far, I’m soaking up this relaxing business, it’s great. I’m so calm in the house, that on my second day with my foster mama she trusted me outside the crate when she went to work, and guess what, I just stayed on this bed all day long. I’m sure she thought I’d be a bit of a scoundrel, but I proved her wrong.

The only time I really leave this bed is to go for some walkies! I like walks, especially now that the new grass is growing in. Mmmm boy do I love to graze my nose through the grass, but I still keep a good pace with my foster mom and foster brother. My walking skills are getting pretty good with my training tool – I just need a reminder, or two, that I’m no longer working and I can slow down and smell the grass as much as I like.

I will say though, I’m not a fan of those big metal things on wheels (cars), nor am I a fan of those big bins that smell weird (garbage bins on garbage day) so I try to steer clear of those.

But I have encountered many other things and have been fine – cyclists, some loud, older kids (roughly age 10-13), and even a cat popping out of the bushes! But I ignored it. Also, some crazy dogs ran up to me ON TWO DIFFERENT OCCASIONS, and I just looked at them – they were silly.

Um…. what else have I seen? Oh yes, squirrels and rabbits ! I think I might like to chase those !

Since I’m in a new place, I’m still a bit shy. Remember I said I like to stay on my bed? That’s because it’s my safe space but I’m sure that’ll change when I’m more comfortable. So right now I’m not too much of a snuggle bug.

I don’t know what else to add my dear(s), other than I’m “pretty chill”, as I’ve heard my foster mom refer to me. So if you think I’ll fit in your home and you’re ready to love me, great! Let’s meet to see how it goes and I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Breed: Floofy marshmallow (Husky)
Colour: White with a splash of apricot
Age: 9
Size: 75 lbs (short and stout)
Sex: Female, spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: Almost there! My training tool is really helping so far.
Commands: It’s a work in progress
Dogs: Yes
Cats: I saw one on a walk and didn’t react, but I’m not sure how I’d be living with one
Children: If they’re “pretty chill” like me, I’m sure we’d get along just fine!

If you are interested in adopting Arctic, please fill out our Adoption Application.


Meet old Man Indy – a sweet old man looking for his retirement home!

Indy’s favourite spot is sleeping on the couch. He loves to follow you like your shadow with a wagging tail that only stops when he is sleeping. Initially he marked in the house when he first arrived but has been belly band free for the last week and no accidents in house with a good schedule.

He gets along great with all of my dogs and cats and no interest in our pet rats. He loves to cuddle with my children on the couch. He does like to go for walks and the dog park (but he has only been to the dog park with my dogs). He has not been introduced to dogs outside of our family, but I can’t see that being an issue for him.

Indy is an absolute love bug that deserves to live out his retirement on a comfy couch in the sunshine.

Please Note: As Indy is deaf, he is looking for a home with a fenced in yard.

Breed: Lab x
Age: 14 years
Is your dog good with other dogs: Yes
Is your dog good with cats: Yes
Is your dog good with kids: Yes
Is your dog house trained: Yes, on a schedule
Is your dog crate trained: Will bark at first but settles in ~ 15 minutes
Does your dog have any special needs: Yes, deaf and partially blind
Does your dog have any or display any aggression (toys, food, people): No
Is your dog playful: No
Does your dog like to snuggle: Yes
Does your dog know basic commands: No
Does your dog know any special tricks: No
Does your dog like to go on walks: Yes, short walks
Does your dog have any fears: No
Does your dog have any unique traits you have noticed whether in personality or physically: His tail hasn’t stopped wagging since coming into our home
What are the 3 first words that come to mind when you think of your dog: Cuddly, sweet, loving

Could sweet Indy be the one for you?

If you are interested in adopting Indy, please fill out our Adoption Application.


Lucky is seeking his new forever home!

Lucky is a mature, 10-year-old boy that would love a quiet home, a warm bed to sleep in and cosy lap to sit on!

Lucky does have separation anxiety so a detached home and a patient owner willing to work with this is essential. Lucky’s ideal home would be with someone who is home more often than not, as he would love all of the attention! A home without children is required as Lucky can nip when nervous or startled.

Lucky needs a special home with a special person who has the time and dedication to help him overcome his anxiety. But in return, this cute little guy will give you all the love you need!

Could Lucky be the one for you?

Breed: Shih Tzu mix
Colour: White
Age: 10
Size: Small
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes, and pee pad trained
Crate trained: No
Loose-leash trained: Yes
Commands: Sit, and great recall
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Children: No… I can be nippy when startled or scared

If you are interested in adopting Lucky, please fill out our Adoption Application.


Meet Albert Einstein – you can see where he gets his name from, right?! 

Albert is a total goofball and sweetheart but needs a special home to call his own.  Please read his bio completely before applying or considering adoption.

Albert is about 18 months old, weighs about 45 lbs (he’s all fur!) and is a total sweetheart.  He’s got a lot of puppy energy in him still! He’s affectionate, loves people, tummy rubs, and running, and he also loves to be brushed.  He enjoys the dog park, does well at the boarding kennel, is crate trained and somewhat clicker trained.

Albert does have some resource guarding issues, particularly with other animals around his food dish and high-value treats. Albert does get along well with other dogs but his new family would need to be prepared for the resource guarding. Albert can also reactive on his leash which we are working on and he is making progress with positive reinforcement. Albert’s ideal owner would be someone who has the time and patience to continue to work with Albert on these issues to help him because the best dog he can be!

Because of his food guarding, Albert would do best in a home without other pets/animals and children.  He can be a nervous guy, so needs patience and lots of positive reinforcement.  Albert is eager to please and with consistent training and exercise, will blossom into a wonderful dog.

Could Albert be the one for you?

Breed:  Bearded Collie Mix
Colour: Grey and White
Age: Approx. 18 mos
Size: 45 lbs (medium)
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes (never any accidents!)
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: No
Commands: Sit, down, shake a paw, wait, come (inconsistent)
Dogs: Yes – I love other dogs but I do resource guard around them
Cats: Dog savvy cats are fine but I resource guard with them too
Children: Due to resource guarding, no young children please. Also, sudden and unpredictable movements make me nervous!

Albert can’t wait to meet you!

If you are interested in adopting Albert, please fill out our Adoption Application.


Meet Franky – a loveable big boy that loves to cuddle and go for walks!

Franky always greets his foster family with big wet kisses and tail wags at the door. He is happiest hanging out with his people doing whatever they do. Franky LOVES people. As long as you pet him, he is happy!

Franky is 8 years old but acts younger than his age. He likes to be active and is always ready to go for a walk. He needs at least one hour of physical activity per day to be stimulated. Amongst other things, Franky loves to cuddle, is a bit of a dancer and loves car rides. For an old dog, he still has some tricks (sit, give a paw) and is learning every day.

Franky can be vocal when visitors approach the property and he does bark at strange sounds. But Franky is crate trained and house trained and is non-destructive. He has no issues sleeping at night and would love to sneak up on to the couch, if you let him! He also loves car rides and likes to hang his head out the window to sniff all the smells.

Franky can be reactive to new dogs, especially males, which is why we recommend he finds a home where he can be the only dog. Which means Franky will be free to lap up all the attention he can get! An owner willing to work with Franky on his reactivity is a must – the behaviour is manageable with consistency and a firm owner. Franky is also a strong boy, and so he does currently pull on his leash. More training in this would also be beneficial for Franky.

Overall, Franky’s ideal home is one that is active and detached. He would prefer someone who can be home more often than not as he loves to be with people, but this isn’t essential. If he can find it, Franky would also love somewhere with a yard to run around in, but again, this isn’t essential.

Could this cutie be the one for you? His puppy eyes will melt your heart!

Breed: Lab mix
Colour: Black
Age: 8 years young!
Size: Large, 100lbs
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: No
Commands: Sit, stay, give a paw, lay down
Dogs: No thank you
Cats: No
Children: No

If you are interested in adopting Franky, please fill out our Adoption Application.

Buddy – Adoption Pending!

Meet Buddy – the giant but lovable Great Dane!

Buddy’s favourite thing to do is cuddle and snuggle his humans. And boy, is there a lot of him to cuddle! At 127lb, Buddy is definitely on the giant end of the size scale. However, Buddy enjoys nothing more than sharing a bed with you and keeping you cozy at night. But be warned… he is a bit of a bed hog and LOVES to be under the covers with you!

As he is still a young dog, Buddy will need a home with owners who are comfortable with his size and who have a home that has space for him to play. Buddy does love to play with other dogs but sometimes his energy level can become extremely high, which can intimidate smaller dogs (due to his massive size), and can lead to some doggy arguments.

Buddy’s ideal adopters will be comfortable managing his energy levels to make sure he has playful play dates with his new pals! Ideally his new home would be a low to medium energy, which will really help him to be the best dog he can be in the home.

But other than that, Buddy can’t wait to greet you with hugs and kisses and hopes that you consider taking him home soon!

Breed: Great Dane
Colour: Black and grey
Age: 2
Size: Giant 127lbs
Sex: Male
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: Working on it (does well with training tool)
Commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Off
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Children: Yes – Due to his size and age, Buddy is still hyper and could knock children over but not aggressive at all.

Do you have a bed big enough to share with this sweet boy? Buddy sure hopes so!

If you are interested in adopting Buddy, please fill out our Adoption Application.