• Nickname: Meadow; Little Girl
  • Age: Between 1-2 years old
  • Breed: Shepherd Mix

Meadow is a loving girl who is good with all creatures, two and four legged. She greets her humans at the door with zoomies, and bounces up and down. Her foster mom is working on her meeting strangers outside of the home, as sometimes she can be a bit timid, but once she gets close to sniff them she becomes their best friend.

Meadows best moments in life are cuddling, belly rubs, snacking on peanut butter, and of course CHEESE! She likes to be near her people all them time, so her foster mom is continually working on her anxiety when she can’t be near people, and teaching her to be more independent and confident.

The ideal home for Meadow would be gentle and understanding of her need for affection and reassurance. Her new family might have children who are mature enough to be gentle until she learns to trust them, but have enough energy to play “zoomies” with her once that trust is built. And the ideal family would have both the patience and time to continue *slowly* work on her confidence in being alone.

Puppies!!! (Eggo and Potter)–ADOPTION PENDING

Meet Eggo (dark) and Potter (cream)! Two of Ocean’s Nine – a litter of pups birthed in care by mumma Ocean who came to us from northern Ontario.

Is your family / household willing and able to house-train these sweet pups?

Do you have experience or knowledge regarding crate training? This is a key tool for house training and also ensures the safety of growing, teething puppies, as well as everyone else in the home (whether they be 2 or 4 legged!).

Are you willing and able to enrol in puppy training classes to ensure proper socialization and manners? When raising a puppy, you accept full responsibility for their future behaviours – good or bad!

Do you understand that there may be accidents, noise (barking, crying or whining), and chewing?

Do you and your family / household understand the financial responsibility of owning a puppy?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then Eggo or Potter may be the pups for you!

PLEASE NOTE: Puppy adoption fee = $500. They will receive their 1st round of vaccines, deworming, their microchip, and their spay/neuter at the appropriate age. The adoptive family will be required to attend the spay/neuter appointment, at the agreed upon date, at the rescue’s vet. Their 2nd and 3rd rounds of vaccines are the financial responsibility of the adoptive family and proof of completion is required prior to the rescue booking the spay/neuter.


Hugo aka Huuughy booogy aka Hughs

Breed: Pointer mix

Colour: white and black

Age: less than a year

Size: 45 lbs

Sex: male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped

House trained: Yes

Crate trained: will go in, but whines to get out

Loose-leash trained: almost there

Commands: i am a smart and eager boy, I know my name, come, sit, stay, off and i want to learn a lot more. I can even jump to catch a frisbee !

Dogs: Yes

Cats: N/A

Children: I would be fine with children, but because of my high energy, older ones would be better (8+)

Hi I’m Hugo ! If you are looking for a young, smart pup with a lot of energy, that’s me ! I love running around in the park and chasing whatever toy you bring for me to play with. I don’t always bring it back right away but we can work on that. My foster mom thinks that with a little training I’d be a great off leash partner, I don’t stray too far away from her when I’m on the long leash unless I smell something really really good! About that, I like to smell A LOT of things when I’m outside and sometimes, who am I kidding, MOST TIMES I try to eat it….it all just looks so yummy. So when we’re outside, you should pay attention in case I try to eat something really dangerous or really gross. Because I love to run around, if you have a back yard that would be great, or if you like to go for runs, that would be even better. My foster mom thinks I look quite regal when I run, you should see !

When I’m inside I like to run around almost as much as when I’m outside, so maybe apartment living isn’t for me. I’m slowly learning about quiet time in my crate, but sometimes it’s hard to stay quiet when almost the fun is happening outside the crate. But if I get a good amount of exercise and mental stimulation, I settle a lot faster in the crate. Since I’m so smart and energetic, I think a family that’s willing to dedicate the time needed to drain my energy would work best, agility training would be awesome, if that’s you, let those folks over at rocky road rescue know and maybe we can meet!!

** Please note, Hugo needs a home that will continue with his structure so that he can grow into a well mannered gentleman**


Are you looking for that faithful companion that meets you with tail wags and singing a tune? Maybe with only two feet on the ground because hes sooooo excited you finally came home?

Buddy is a fun loving, young husky who enjoys the luxury of running in the yard, the odd game of fetch, playing with chew toys (he hasn’t found met one he hasn’t enjoyed) and playing with his neighbourhood dogs. Buddy is working on his crate training, and is great when you are in the room, but takes a bit longer to settle when you can’t see him. Due to his puppy nature, we do recommend his adoptive family continue the crate training, as who knows what his favourite shoe type may be (we heard he likes Micheal Kors).

Buddys’ foster family is working hard on teaching him leash manners, and currently use a prong collar to ensure the dog sled racing doesn’t start in summer! Buddy walks like a gentleman, but if he has a flat collar, martingale or harness, you should consider the iditarod as your next goal!

Buddy does great in a home with other dogs that will help him burn his puppy energy, but also teach him proper play manners. He is great with kids, and has lived with cats, but would be cautious due to his breed and energy level.

The ideal adoptive home for Buddy is an active one, who will tire him physically and mentally, and maybe with another dog he can play with. He thrives on consistency and routine in order to learn what proper puppy behaviour looks like, and loves training with treats and affection. In his downtime, Buddy enjoys affection and all the snuggles his fosters have to offer!

Breed: Husky
Colour: Piebald (white with black splotches)
Age: 11 months old
Size: Large
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: Yes
Dogs: Yes. Please.
Cats: Caution
Children: Yes, but keep in mind, I am still a puppy

Pablo (Escobark)

Breed: Chow/Cattle Dog Mix
Colour: Tan with White Markings
Age: 4 years old
Size: Large
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, (will be) microchipped
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes, but sometimes I decide I’m too smart to stay inside it
Loose-leash trained: Yes
Commands: Sit, stay, down, come (I really like to learn and do things to please my human–and of course get treats!)
Dogs: Yes, but not a dog park dog. I need proper introductions with dogs who are respectful.
Cats: Yes, but they do make me excited. I have not lived with a cat, and only met them on leash.
Children: Not sure

Pablo, AKA Pablo Escobark– Eager to please, work and learn. Pablo meets most new situations with excitedment, however he can be wary of meeting strangers who rush is space, same goes for dogs who meet him rudely in this manner. Pablo enjoys naps, belly rubs, playing ball, food, walks, and playing ball– did we say playing ball? Pablo has a drive to work and learn, and his current fosters are helping his drive using a flirt stick, and increasing his basic obedience. Pablo would be a great agility, scent/barn hunt, rally obedience or just trick dog. He sit is intense (drop it like its hot?), and he will wait for his reward once he does it.

Pablo is crate trained, but will take time to adjust in a new environment, and if he is not getting the stimulation and structure he needs, he will make it apparent when he is crated (noise and breaking out of the crate are two of his favourites). Pablo is generally non-destructive, however has been known to grab a tissue (maybe he was congested?).

Pablo currently walks on a prong/pinch collar, and is a very well mannered gentleman. A man on a mission, Pablo can ignore most things when on walks, and definitely walks with purpose. He can get distracted when other animals enter his space while on a walk, so we would say no meetings while enjoying walks would be best.

The ideal home for Pablo? Owners with some dog experience that are able to be firm (not in handling, but in tone) and consistent (not a pushover), who want to work with him (he is very smart and trainable). Likely no small children, or other dogs unless they are extremely relaxed/dog-savvy. A Moderate activity level, he loves to play and is easy to wear out using a flirt stick or chasing balls, but also loves exploring new areas and so should still get regular walks. Best in family without dog allergies, shedding is moderate to high (very dense undercoat). Could potentially be a great apartment dog, assuming the owner can exercise him mentally and physically enough. He is fine being left locked in a room for a full 8-hour work-day, especially if a window is available(cat TV), would hesitate to give run of the entire house right away as it may enhance his guarding instincts (cattle-dog and chow mix).

If you are interested in adopting Pablo, please fill out our Adoption Application.


Breed: Northern Mix (dash of this, pinch of that, really we have no idea)
Colour: Tan/red
Age: Under 1 year old
Size: Large
Sex: Female, (will be) spayed, up to date on shots, (will be) microchipped
House trained: Will have accidents during transition, but once a routine establishes she will be perfect!
Crate trained: Not Likely
Loose-leash trained: Working on it! (I do well using a training tool though)
Commands: Food? Squirrel?
Dogs: No, I like to be the center of attention, and will even keep dogs away from my owner while we are outside.
Cats: No
Children: Yes, but keep in mind, I am still a puppy

Ocean, aka Atlantic Ocean (she was very pregnant on arrival) is ready to find her new home! Her puppies had a great start to life, and now its Ocean’s time to shine.

Ocean is a young girl, who came to us pregnant from a Northern Ontario Reserve, where, without proper vet care, would continue to be a mom every chance that arose. Her owners knew it would be a better life for her and wanted to help stop the dog breeding cycle, so she came to us.

Ocean enjoys the company of her people, however would prefer not to share her space with other pets. Her ideal home would be detached as she can be vocal (not barking) and she would love to have a fenced yard where she can learn to play with toys outside and enjoy freedom.

Ocean will be a foster-to-adopt situation for the right home, as she needs time to transition after being a mom to a litter of 9 little babies. She will be spayed, microchipped, and has been vaccinated and dewormed. Ocean will need time to adjust to her new family, and our team will help you with tips, advice, and in home training if needed.

If you are interested in adopting Ocean, please fill out our Adoption Application.

Mo (Mohak)





Breed: Standard Poodle Mix
Colour: White and Fluffy
Age: 1.5 years old
Size: Large
Sex: Male, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes but its not my favourite place to be, we can work on that together!
Loose-leash trained: Working on it!
Dogs: Yes, another dog would help to expel some of my puppy energy!
Cats: Not sure
Children: Older– Sometimes I get carried away with my playing!

Don’t let the cute face fool you, Winston is a dog who needs a lot from his adoptive family. He is young, spunky, and needs to put his mind to work. Winston is very unfocused and energetic, but he is very smart and would do well somewhere that could learn to channel his energy toward positive pursuits. Winston would love a family that enjoys training or would love to try a dog sport like agility or rally obedience. Breed experience would be an asset and would not be a good fit for a timid owner or couch potato. Hanging out with Winston will never be a dull moment!

If you are interested in adopting Winston, please fill out our Adoption Application.




Meet Mickey – your new singing and dancing partner!

Mickey has been loving life in his foster home with his daily sing songs and dance sessions (he loves to be sung to and loves to dance with people!) but he’s now ready to find his perfect fur-ever home.

Mickey’s ideal owners will be someone who is very savvy with dog body language as understanding this is key to Mickey being the best dog he can be. Sometimes Mickey can display behaviours which may make him look aggressive to the unsuspecting person, but really he just wants some attention as he looooves attention (the big suck).

Mickey is a big snuggler and does enjoy spending time with other dogs, as long as they are respectful, of course. Sometimes Mickey can get a little excited with other dogs around which is not always welcome, but this is easily managed with a confident owner. When Mickey is in a bit of a grump, he finds comfort in his covered crate and easily settles himself down.

Mickey would be happy in a home with or without other dogs, as long as his new owners are able to keep an eye on his body language and comfort levels if he is sharing his new home with another furry pal.

Other than that, Mickey is house trained, crate trained and fully up to date in the latest doggy snuggle strategies. All he needs now is someone to love him and give him his new forever home!

Could Mickey be the one you share your kitchen dance floor with?

Breed: Shepherd mix
Colour: Tan
Age: Approx. 7 years old
Size: Large – but I could do with losing a few pounds!
Sex: Male
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Loose-leash trained: Working on it (does well using a training tool)
Commands: Sit, stay, down, come
Dogs: Yes, if they are respectful
Cats: Not sure
Children: Not sure

If you are interested in adopting Mickey, please fill out our Adoption Application.

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