Meet Raven! This 4 year old pooch is searching for her fur-ever home. She’s an energetic gal that needs a consistent amount of both mental and physical stimulation. She is a bit nervous of strangers but with a proper, slow introductions she’ll become your best friend and shower you with kisses!

Indoors, Raven is a happy and playful pup. She’ll play tug of war with you for as long as you’ll let her! Once she’s grown comfortable with someone, she’ll happily stick by their side all day like a four-legged shadow. She’s a smart gal and has learned the commands “place” and “stay” which has helped improve her boundary issues and impulse control.

Outdoors she can still get a bit overwhelmed – there’s just so much going on in the world! She pulls on leash but is walking well with a training tool. Because she is wary of strangers she sometimes barks at new people and dogs while out on walks. Her fur-ever family will need to commit to working on her leash manners and her focus while outdoors.

She is crate trained and will settle in for the day (or night!) after about 15 minutes or so. Raven will also go in on her own for naps when she feels like it! She has not been destructive when left out of crate, however continued crating will help further improve/maintain her boundary issues. She has been known to be quite vocal in the mornings and loves to wake her foster family up with her singing!

Raven’s ideal fur-ever home is child free home with active adults that will give her the mental and physical attention she needs. Her adopter will need to continue the great work her foster family has started regarding boundaries, impulse control and general manners. a quieter neighbourhood with less stimulation (foot traffic and vehicles) will also help Raven to be her best self. Raven isn’t a fan of sharing space with other dogs, cats or other creatures so she is looking to be the only pet in her forever home.

If you think Raven would make a great fit for your home, please fill out an adoption application!

Rocky Road Rescue