Donut is approximately 6 years old, and is said to be an F1 labradoodle (First Generation, so straight coat, not curly). Donut is a loving dog, but is hesitant to meet new people, so a quiet home is best. Donut is not looking to share his home with children, however would LOVE a dog friend, and also adores cats. Donut walks using a correction collar, as he is large and can be fearful, so he does pull sometimes.

Donut is vocal when left alone, and is working hard to be a quiet canine companion, but doesn’t love his crate all the time. His foster mom describes him as a “big kid” and therefore crating should be continued for the time being.

Donut would be a great running partner, and would love frequent trips to the dog park! He would love an owner who will be his advocate and remind people that he doesn’t want strangers to pet him, although he is so handsome that people seem to be drawn to him.

An ideal home for donut? An active home, with another dog, or with trips to the dog park to socialize. Detached housing to combat the noise issues, and someone who isn’t afraid to tell strangers that he is uncomfortable. Donut will require a few visits from a prospective adoptive owner to ensure he is comfortable before going home.

If you are interested in Donut, and meet the criteria, please send us an adoption application! Please note, applications with children in the home will not be considered, even if they are “dog savvy” as we do not believe it will be in the best interest of Donut and his need for slow introductions.

Rocky Road Rescue