Duke is looking for his own territory. Maybe he can be the Duke of your little town, or the Duke of your street, or even just the Duke of your home?

Duke has a personality that is sure to win your heart, however keep you on your toes. He is non destructive when left alone, and loves to relax by his humans, however, when you want him to do something, he is as eager as they get! Duke has some reactive issues that his foster is working on, which will continue into his forever home. He can live in harmony with another calm dog, but when excitement levels rise, so does his reactivity. He takes his job of Duke seriously, and likes to watch over his immediate area, which causes his reactivity.

Duke would do well in a home where he can learn some new tricks, maybe do some beginner agility, rally obedience, or just show his tricks off to your friends!

Duke is in mid life at around 7 years old, and weighs around 35-40lbs, so hes a perfect for all situations! Duke does great in the car, so if long drives are your thing, count him in!!

Rocky Road Rescue