The Rocky Road Rescue Team

There are many aspects to running a rescue and these dedicated members of our Core Team make sure things run smoothly! We couldn’t do what we do without them!

The Vetting Coordinators make sure all of the dogs in our care are seen by our vets, receive vaccinations, get microchips, are spayed or neutered, and have had any health concerns addressed before being adopted.

The Foster Team places the dogs in care into the best foster home for each individual dog. The Foster Team does daily check ins of every dog in care and supports foster families through any challenges they may encounter. They also arrange for all of our fosters to have all of the supplies needed including a crate, a bed, food, treats, toys and anything else we think the pups in care may enjoy!

The Training Coordinator helps our fosters out with expert tips, tricks and techniques whenever needed. Lets face it, not every day with every pup is a walk in the (dog) park and when it isn’t we have the resources to help our fosters through it.

The Adoption Team are the match-makers for the dogs in our care. The team reviews every application that is submitted and finds the best possible fit for each dog depending on their individual needs and personality.

The Administrative Coordinator keeps all of our vetting records straight and makes sure adopters get copies of vaccination certificates, microchip numbers and any other available vet records. It is definitely a huge task!

The Happy Tails Coordinators checks in with adoptive families several times throughout the first year of each pup’s “new life”. We love following up with each family to hear how everyone is doing and how they are living their best lives! Our amazing coordinator takes the updates and makes those adorable “Happy Tail” posts to our Facebook page!

Rocky Road Rescue