There are no paid positions at Rocky Road Rescue: we are non-profit, and every lick of work is provided by volunteers in their free time. That includes our president, treasurer, adoption coordinators, foster coordinators, administrative coordinators, event coordinators, and our webmasters. We couldn’t save dogs without people like you!

We are always looking to meet new people, expand our teams, and hear new & innovative ideas! WE WANT YOU!

Here are some of the volunteer opportunities within our organization:

  • Event Volunteers & Fundraising Team
  • Media & Outreach Team
  • Fostering: Long-term & Short-term
  • Foster Coordination Team
  • Adoption Coordination Team
  • Vetting Organiser and Coordinator 
  • Dog “Teachers”
  • Innovative & Creative Team

Read below for details about each opportunity mentioned above & how to get started!

We are always happy to welcome a helping hand. If you’re interested, please send an e-mail to management@rockyroadrescue.com

Event Volunteers

Would you love to come out & show your support? Visit us at one of our local event locations! Visit our Events page and find a location near you — We would love to see you there!

We also have specific positions available depending on the event — whether you’re interested in:

  • Baking for bake sales (human & dog treats),
  • Creating gift baskets or rescue swag,
  • Taking photos,
  • Dog washing,
  • Trimming nails; or,
  • Educating the public & talking about who we are and our pups.

You are the minions that make an event successful!

For all of these events we need volunteers, so if you are able to spare an hour or two, we could sure use your help either with the dogs or other positions mentioned above.

Send an email to events@rockyroadrescue.com or click the button below:

Fundraising Team

We are always looking for new & creative event or fundraising ideas!
— Do you know a local business that would love to host us or support us?
— Don’t mind calling business owners and building relationships?
— Full of creative ideas on how to raise funds?

This is a team setting, where volunteers work together in their neighbourhoods to build rescue awareness. The goal is to arrange outreach and fundraising opportunities for the rescue in various areas around the city of Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Assets: Transportation and a telephone, along with a people-friendly, professional, go-getter personality!

If you’re interested, please send an e-mail to management@rockyroadrescue.com – We would love to have you on board!

Media & Outreach Team

  • Are you tech-savvy, hip, & in-the-know with the internet world?
  • Do you have lots of followers on your personal or business social media accounts?
  • Have tips, tricks or ideas on how to get our dogs noticed?

THE DOGS NEED YOU! Check out our Follow page to see how we are doing so far!

If you’re interested, please send an e-mail to management@rockyroadrescue.com  – We would be lucky to have you on the team!

Fostering Saves Lives

Fosters are the foundation of how we help these dogs. They are the reason we can do what we do!

By nurturing rescue dogs in a home setting, they learn manners & social skills that prepare them for their second chance at a forever home. Our fosters gain dog experience and receive further support from our entire team. Think this might be right for you? We need your help!

Looking for further details? Check out our Foster page for information.

We have long-term and short-term positions available:

  • Being a long-term foster means that you take the dog in from day one to nurture, train and assess, in order to provide details about the dog to our Adoption Team. The work you do helps get the dog adopted! Your job is to take cute photos and make sure the dog is healthy & vetted, as well as well-mannered & happy! We will give you all the tools and support to help both you & your foster dog all along the way! Our full foster period is normally around 2-3 weeks, but there are some dogs that may be in care for longer or shorter – it all depends on the dog.
  • Not able to fully commit to a foster period but would still like to help? We love foster babysitters! These are folks that may not be able to watch a dog for longer than a day or two, to a week maximum. Any amount of time helps! These babysitters also help socialize the dog & assist our fosters if they need time away from home and are unable to take their foster dog with them. The babysitter or short term foster is required to continue training or follow a certain routine for the dog in order to maintain consistency & ensure the change is stress-free.
  • Have a few hours a day to spare? Love dogs? You can also sign up to:
    • Visit a dog in a foster home for cuddles,
    • Help with training or socializing sessions; or,
    • Take the dog for a game of fetch, a drive or a walk!
      Yes – volunteering & helping is that fun & simple!

Foster Coordination Team

Do you love building relationships & helping people?

Our foster team helps to keep in contact and build relationships with our fosters, as well as assists educating the public about fostering to recruit & build our team. Your job is to know what the foster is and isn’t comfortable with so that we are able to match them with the right foster dog! This includes:

  • Arranging phone calls to make contact with the potential fosters,
  • Meeting with foster parents to learn about their home, experience, and needs,
  • Conducting foster home visits to ensure the dog & humans are safe (in person or virtual); and,
  • Advocating for the foster parent & the foster dog.

The more fosters we have, the more dogs we can save! The foster team is a group of individuals that assist fosters within their area — by ensuring they have the training, support, and fostering supplies they need (such as dog food, crate, bed, toys, etc.) The more the merrier on this team!

Assets: Transportation, telephone, and knowledge of dog breeds & behaviour, as well as people friendly.

Would you like to join or learn more? Email our foster team at foster@rockyroadrescue.com — We would love to have you on board!

Adoption Coordination Team

Looking to help adopters find their perfect match, & teach them what they need to know about adopting?

We’re currently looking to add to our adoption team. The lead coordinator reviews incoming applications, interviews potential adopters, and looks for a good match in terms of dog size, breed, and temperament. The team helps to conduct phone interviews with applicants and complete reference checks, as well as attends meet & greets and home visits with the adopters and the foster, and sometimes delivers the dog to the adopting family. All these steps help to ensure each dog is the perfect match for the new family! For details about our adoption process, visit our Adopt page.

Our current coordinator, Tyra, could really use a hand with this work. Ideally, it would be someone who could take on full responsibility for some of the dogs and guide them along the entire process, but it would be great to have any amount of help!

Assets: Transportation, telephone, and knowledge of dog breeds & behaviour, as well as comfortable dealing with the public, people friendly and professional.

Please email adopt@rockyroadrescue.com to join the team, or for further details and information.

Vetting Organizer & Coordinator

Are you organized and people friendly?

We need someone to ensure all the dogs in care get the health care they need before adoption. This requires maintaining files, taking notes, and following up with vet clinics to ensure the health and needs of each dog is properly documented. This position is incredibly important for the dogs in care, but also for the adoptive families to ensure they know all they need to know about their new furry family member. The dog needs your stamp of approval before being adopted!

Assets: Has a telephone & is organized, professional, and proficient in: Excel, Word, Adobe and Google Docs; as well as is people friendly & willing to build relationships with our vet clinics.

Please email adopt@rockyroadrescue.com to apply or for further details and information.

Dog “Teachers”

Do you have lots of dog experience? Love teaching people about dogs and learning new things?

We need experienced volunteers (or willingness to learn) or professional trainers willing to donate their time to advise and teach foster dogs, as well as foster and adoptive families. Those in this position need to feel comfortable providing over the phone or internet advice, doing behaviour research, or meeting with people in person to discuss or assess a dog’s behaviour. This position is not for trainers specifically, but rather to have another eye (point of view) of the behaviour or situation. You would never need to work with a dog that you were uncomfortable with.

Assets: Transportation, telephone & internet. Along with an understanding of dog breeds, body language & behaviour, and common training techniques (or willingness to do research and learn). As well as people friendly, and familiar with how to be safe around a new dog.

Think this may be the position for you? Contact the adoption team today to learn more: adopt@rockyroadrescue.com

Innovative & Creative Team

Are you full of new and unique ideas? Love thinking of new processes & policies? Boy, do we have the job for you!

With this position, the possibilities are endless. Insert yourself into any position in the rescue that you feel passionate about and then think of ways to improve or assist. Such as:

  • Improving the foster acceptance or recruitment process,
  • Improving the adoption experience or process,
  • Perfecting the rescue teams and functions to provide the best environment possible for our volunteers & dogs; or,
  • Thinking of creative new ways to:
    • Advertise the rescue or rescue dogs,
    • Fundraise; or,
    • Provide community outreach.

We need your brain! Contact management@rockyroadrescue.com — We are better together!