Breed: Husky, possibly a mix
Age: approximately 5 years old

✅Up to date on vaccines & neutered

✅Dogs & kids (older only please due to lack of awareness of his own size)


Meet Bear Paw! Originally pulled from a pound, this very friendly boy loves being near his foster people and is always up for a belly rub, even when his foster parents are trying to clip his nails! Bear lives with older children and loves being around them, although he is sometimes unaware of his size. For this reason, toddlers and babies are not recommended. Bear Paw was bonded to another dog in his previous and must live with a dog.

Bear Paw must get his name from his giant paws, which sometimes he likes to put up on his foster parents to signal he has to go outside. This usually happens when his foster parents are sitting down – he will come put his paws up almost like he wants a hug, and acts a bit anxious. Bear is being taught to ring a bell on the door when he wants to go outside.

Bear has been destructive in his crate when left alone and has ripped blankets and a crate tray. Bear has separation anxiety and has been left alone for a maximum of four hours in his crate. To be left alone successfully Bear has needed trazodone, lots of exercise leading up to the alone time, and some treats to keep him busy.

Bear responds fairly well to verbal ‘heel’ commands while walking. He responds better to his foster dad. He is very food/treat motivated so taking treats on a walk is helpful. Bear pulls and gets excited when he sees another dog and having him sit and wait is best as he has not yet mastered calmly approaching another dog. Bear Paw is strong and walking tools such as a halti are recommended.

Bear  has been known to counter surf. During meal prep and meals best is put in his crate to keep him out of the way and to avoid him cleaning up scraps.

If you’re looking for a great family dog, apply for Bear Paw today!