Breed: Pungsol mix
Age: Approx 4 years old
Energy Level: Medium

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Originally from a rescue in South Korea, Bear (formerly named Pungdol) is back with us after being adopted for a year.

Adored by his fosters, Bear has settled in well and enjoys learning new tricks, going for walks, taking naps, and being brushed. Bear likes to greet his fosters with a big smile and a greeting that according to them, will definitely make your day better.

Bear is not a fan of being touched by strangers and should be handled as such. An adopter who is familiar and comfortable with dog body language is a must. Bear has nipped/bitten strangers when not appropriately approached. 

Bear is incredibly affectionate with his trusted people, often burying his head fully in their laps. 

Bear has a medium amount of energy. He is happy to nap and happy to walk with you.

Bear’s crate training is a work in progress. He can be led in with treats. He is non-destructive when left loose and alone.

If Bear sounds like a great match for you and vice versa, apply today!