Breed: Lab mix
Age: 10 years old
Size: Medium. Kevin came into care as a large boy and has worked hard on losing weight. His adopter must be willing to keep him at a healthy weight to help his senior joints.
Energy Level: Medium
✅Kids: Older Dog-Savvy Kids
✅Dogs: Slow introductions with respectful dogs due to his age.
✖️ Cats: Prey Drive
Medical: Seminoma – regular vet check-ups recommended. See more information below. Sensitive stomach – so he needs to stick with the same brand/protein of kibble. Some fatty cysts on his chest, but not concerning. Could benefit from supplements & physio due to his age.

Reduced adoption fee: $500

This delightful 10-year-old pup, is an absolute joy to have around. He welcomes you with a whole-body wag and a touch of vocal excitement whenever you’re in his presence. While he may have low energy at home, he transforms into a high-energy bundle of enthusiasm during walks. With three walks a day, he never seems to tire, and he’s always up for a game of fetch with his ball.

This sweet old man may not be a cuddler, but he positions himself close to his foster and his desk, graciously accepting some pets. He’s adorably vocal when he wants to play, go for a walk, or simply seeks your attention. Kevin is also incredibly smart, quickly picking up some aspects of training.

Regarding the crate, Kevin isn’t fully on board yet but is not destructive, efforts are underway to make the crate a more positive and comfortable space for him.

The only notable challenge is his leash pulling, which can be quite a task due to his surprising strength. Currently, a Halti is in use to work on improving his leash manners, as he tends to zig zag rather than walking in a straight line. Kevin is reactive to dogs while on leash.

Kevin is quite the “velcro dog,” thriving when he has company throughout the day. With careful introductions, it’s possible he could adapt to living with another dog. However, his prey drive might make him incompatible with cats.

Although he’s content indoors, Kevin truly loves his walks and any opportunity to play. Overall, he’s a low-maintenance dog who would shine with a bit of training and regular exercise. Kevin is ready to bring his love and energy to a forever home that appreciates his unique charm.

🚑 Medical Information: Kevin had a growth in one of his testicles, it was extracted when he was neutered and sent to the lab. It came back as a seminoma. Seminomas are highly treatable by neutering and only ~10% of seminomas act malignant (rarely acting like a cancer – metastasizing and causing issues). Due to this and some characteristics identified while it was sent to the lab, regular vet checkups are highly recommended to monitor.