Breed: Husky
Age: 12-13 years old 
Energy: Medium
❓Cats: untested
✅Crate trained
❓Kids, untested but likely ok
Medical: Needs to be neutered (this is covered by the rescue)
Status: Accepting applications

Ti-Blanc is a calm and gentle soul; a fluffy white teddy-bear of a husky. He is loving, sweet, athletic and most of all, shy. He is great with other dogs, older kids and meeting strangers, however prefers a calm and quiet environment. 

He loves his bum scratches and head massages, even though he tries not to show it. He is a total softie at heart and his foster raves about him, saying he is one of the most low maintenance animals they have ever had. 


Ti-Blanc has transitioned into his foster home very well, but needs some coaxing to come out of his crate. For now, he prefers to lay in the crate, with the door open, admiring his foster family from a distance or sneaking in a nap. At night, when everyone goes to bed, he comes out and plays with toys and brings them back into his crate before anyone comes downstairs in the morning, thinking no one’s the wiser. 

His personality really shines through on walks where he’s expressive, happy and energetic. He is easy to walk and very calm once he gets comfortable with his handler. He can be a bit silly when he meets other dogs by bouncing up and down, and has a big smile on his face if they want to be his friend. His foster uses a harness to prevent any pressure or pulling on his neck which Ti-Blanc prefers from a collar-style leash.

His ideal home would be with someone who is patient and willing to help Ti-Blanc build his confidence while still allowing him to have a safe space where he can decompress during the day and sleep. He would need someone who is able to take him for 2-4 walks a day, preferably on trails or away from high traffic areas, without high energy animals or children as they can frighten him. Overall, a quiet, calm home with someone who likes to walk or jog and has a routine would be perfect for Ti-Blanc.