Eshi | Accepting applications

Breed: Husky mix
Age: Approximately 18 months.
Size: Medium. Energy Level: High

Special Needs: Eshi is missing one eye & is completely blind in the other. She will need an environment without routine significant changes.

Medical: Other than her blindness, no medical needs.

✅Dog savvy cats

Eshi is the living definition of resilient. While living as a stray on the streets of Lebanon, Eshi was shot in the face. This has left her completely blind.
Despite this, one of Eshi’s favourite things is people. She loves to be at the door ready to greet her foster with circling and expressions of  affection. She has a lot of love to give. She will occasionally “hug” a person when meeting them but typically responds to “off”. She likes to give cuddles and kisses.

Eshi still has a lot of puppy in her and loves to play and chew. She will need lots of sturdy toys. When she is comfortable with her surroundings outside, she will run and play.

Eshi is dog friendly but meeting new dogs must happen at her pace. She will admit a small growl or mini snarl when she is surprised by certain animals. Her owner should be savvy in dog body language, or willing to learn, so that all new dog meetings can be safe and fun for Eshi.

Eshi and her foster are working on her crate training. The crate is open and accessible and she is quiet when she is coaxed to go in. She will not choose to spend time in her crate & prefers to be left loose inside the house.

Eshi likes to steal shoes, any and all types. She’s a flat and a heel girl. She will trade the shoe for a chew toy.

Eshi walks well with a harness. She likes to walk slowly when initially in an environment so as to familiarize herself with her surroundings. She has a great sense of smell and will try to chase squirrels and other small animals.

Eshi needs a home in which she will be able to play. She loves being around other animals and a dog playmate would be great for her. If not, then active humans that want to play A LOT and who are home more often than not. Since Eshi is blind, she needs a house that is not going to undergo any significant changes structurally or furniture positioning wise. A screen door is recommended for the front or a gate so she doesn’t dash out the front door. We also suggest that her adopters get a GPS tracker for her collar as she would have an exceptionally hard time if she were to escape.

If Eshi sounds like the dog for your home, apply today!

Lexi | Accepting applications

Breed: Husky Age: 9 months Size: Medium. ✅Dogs ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Older & dog savvy only, please! Medical: None Special Needs: As Lexi has displayed separation anxiety, she will need to continue crate training and will need an owner who is home more often than not.

Lexi is an affectionate and playful girl with lots of energy! Her favourite activities include chewing on sticks, playing with her ball, getting belly rubs, and going on long walks with her foster family.

Indoors, she’s very attentive to her humans and is eager to please. Outdoors, she’s easily distracted and always on the lookout for critters! Her fosters use treats to redirect her focus. She’s a strong puller and needs a no-pull harness to make walks more manageable.

Lexi is house trained and working on her crate training. Currently, she can spend up to two hours in her crate with a chew toy. She also has inconsistent separation anxiety. Sometimes she’s fine by herself, other times she expresses her feelings by chewing up shoes or other soft items.

Lexi is good with other dogs. She has lived with a cat before coming into care and is currently living with a cat. She’s good with children, but might jump on them if she gets too excited!

This beautiful pup needs an active household that will give her ample daily walks. Ideally 3 walks a day at a minimum of 30 minutes per walk. She is young and she still has a lot to learn. Her family will need to provide training and consistency to help her be the best dog she can be.

Honey | Accepting applications

Age: 3 years old
Breed: Hound mix
Energy Level: Medium
Size: Large (approx 60 lbs)
Medical: She will need to be spayed. The rescue will pay for this.
✅Kids. 12 + and dog savvy, only!
❌ Cats

Meet our hound girl, Honey! This lady knows what she wants out of life and needs an experienced dog owner (preferably with hound experience) or someone who is up for a fun challenge!

Honey is described as very friendly by her foster family. She loves attention and cuddling and will let you know when she’s ready for more (which is always). Toys & a comfy bed are #2 on her list of demands.

Typical of her breed, Honey has a stubborn streak & one of her favorite games is ‘try and catch me haha you can’t’ so no off leash time for this lady unless she is in a very secure backyard. Also breed typical, Honey loves to sniff and explore on her walks. She pulls & will need to continue working on her loose leash walking unless you’re into bicep/shoulder workouts.

Honey is good with dogs but is bossy so needs to have any introductions properly managed. She is currently living with a dog and enjoys playing with her. Honey’s ideal home would have a dog friend for her to burn off energy with.

Honey has some seperation anxiety but is fully crate trained. Her adopter will need to continue with crating to mitigate this quirk. Honey is still getting used to car rides – positive training and association would greatly help her with this!

If Honey the hound sounds like the perfect dog for you, fill out an application today! This goofy lady will keep you on your toes & keep you smiling.

Val (Valiant) | Accepting applications

Age: 3 years old Breed: Husky Energy Level: High Medical: Very minor tartar buildup on teeth. Special Needs: Val needs to lose a few pounds so weight loss food or strict calorie monitoring, please! ✅Dogs ❓Cats ❓Kids

Meet Val, a shelter pull from Quebec! Like a typical husky, he LOVES his walks. Easily spending at least two hours a day walking with his foster human, Val’s ideal family is an active one that loves spending time outside. A secure backyard would be an added bonus!

Val is a great leash walker unless he spots a squirrel or rabbit that he wants to visit. Because of this high prey drive, cats and other small animals are not recommended.

Val is not a fan of his crate but is fully house trained, non destructive when left alone, & shows no signs of separation anxiety.

Val is described by his foster human as very gentle and docile. He is quiet unless he is about to go for a walk. Val will show his excitement by spinning in circles and chatting away, making a strong case as to why his human should hurry up.

Val currently lives with a dog and is friendly & curious when meeting dog friends on walks. A playmate would be ideal but Val would also be okay as an only pet.

Not overly food motivated, continuing Val’s weight loss should be a breeze. Other than minor tartar buildup on his teeth, this healthy boy is ready to find his forever home!

Nasa | Accepting applications

Age: 10 years old
Breed: Husky
Energy Level: Low to medium
Size: Large, approx 60lbs.
✅Dogs. Yes, please!!
✅Kids. Dog savvy, please!
❓Cats. Untested, not recommended.
Medical: Mild arthritis in his hips and knees.
Special needs: None.

Nasa is a newly retired sled dog now looking for his permanent retirement home! He is a happy-go-lucky kind of dog and is described as easygoing and laid back by his foster mom. He loves to carry things around the house, whether it be his toys, his food bowl, slippers, shampoo bottles and even barbie dolls. He takes great pride in putting things where he thinks they belong. Thankfully, he doesn’t chew or destroy anything. He also loves to sleep with his little teddy bear.

Car rides are always interesting with Nasa, as he likes to sing songs, often completely out of tune, sounding more like a mix between Chewbacca and a howling husky.

He is very food motivated and loves to look at his human eating, hoping that some will fall for him to catch. He loves to be in the kitchen when food is being prepared and considers himself an excellent taste tester.

Nasa is fully crate trained & will choose to lie in it on his own. He is also non-destructive when left uncrated and alone. He is always happy to see his foster mom and will go straight to her, but does not jump or bark.

Nasa is great with other dogs, male or female, little or big. As with most huskies, he does have a high prey drive and may take you for a ride if a squirrel runs by in front of him. Because of this prey drive, cats are not recommended. Nasa is currently living with a 7 year old human and is great with her!

Nasa does pull when walked on a leash. His dedicated foster mom has practiced with him and his leash walking has greatly improved from when he first came into care. Nasa’s adopter should continue with the use of his halti & with positive reinforcement training. Don’t let his age fool you, he loves his walks, although as a result of his mild arthritis, shorter, more frequent walks are recommended. Nasa will also take himself for an adventure if he gets loose so no off leash time for this guy unless in a fully secured area.

He has also shown some resource guarding with his food, toy and personal space (crate or favorite laying spot in the living room). Although this hasn’t happened often, it could happen again in a new home, with another dog. Nasa also loves to be the leader and doesn’t like to wait (he needs to be first, to go outside, to eat, etc). There has been some improvement but his adopter would need to continue working on setting rules, boundaries and limitations so that he doesn’t rule over everyone else (other dogs included).

Nasa would thrive in a household where his humans are home more often (e.g. teleworking or retired) and with another calm, well behaved and confident dog. He has learned a lot from his foster brother and would continue to benefit from another dog exhibiting good behaviors and manners. Nasa also walks better when accompanied by another dog. Nasa needs a home where he can feel loved, receive affection but also, a home where his human can dedicate time and energy to help him build confidence as he is still shy with people sometimes and to work on his very minimal quirky habits.

Do you think you can give Nasa a great retirement home? Apply now!

Nikky | Available for a foster to adopt

Breed: Poodle mix
Age: 9 years
Size: Small
Energy: medium / High
✅Kids: 12 plus & dog savy only please!
Special needs: Resource guarding (managed with a trade game)
Grooming: Regularly needed
Adoption fee: $650
Status: Available / accepting applications

Nikky is a smart little guy who is motivated that loves to play! He enjoys taking daily walks & on bad weather days, Nikky can still get exercise as he’s treadmill trained!!

Nikky has been working through some resource guarding which we are happy to update he is doing much better on! He will only resource guard if he grabs something he shouldn’t have (for ex garbage) but will trade for something else easily! While on leash Nikky walks politely & can pass most distractions without issue. However if he is uncomfortable, he will let you know by cowering/moving away & rarely he will also bark. He still is a bit unsure of new people visiting however he comes around quite quickly when chicken or hotdogs are involved!

Nikky is doing so well with scent classes he is now level 3! This has been a great outlet for him as he absolutely loves using his nose. It’s important for his adopters to continue this with him as it’s been integral to Nikkys’ wellbeing. Adopters could choose to trial, or to play scent games at home. His absolute favourite thing to do is to find things with his nose which is why scent work is so important & perfect for this little cutie.

Nikky adores pets & attention if he trusts you. He asks for pets & if you reach out, he’ll Boop your hand if he would like to be petted. However he still does not like to be picked up.

He gets along well with dogs & cats but has a prey drive when he sees critters in the woods. We advise caution with other small animals in the house.

Nikky is crate trained, & is now 100% house trained! He is a great little guy & would be a great little companion.

Does Nikky sounds like the perfect little adventure buddy for you? Are you willing to work with him to help him be his best self?
5 free training sessions comes with his adoption!!

If so, please fill out an adoption application today!

Meadow | Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd mix. Age: 8 years. ✅Dogs. Slow introductions, please! ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Older only, please! Medical: Tripod. Needs to continue to lose weight to make things easier on her joints. Has arthritis. Supplements needed.

Meadow may be missing a leg, but that doesn’t stop her from living life to the fullest! She loves to run around the backyard in her foster home, then relax by curling up on a lounge chair to watch the birds. Ear rubs are her favourite thing in the world. 

Meadow spent many years at the BETA shelter and is still getting used to living in a house. She has made a few attempts to counter-surf. Her fosters have noted that saying a firm “no” is enough to correct any undesirable behaviours. She is house-trained and her crate-training is coming along well, but she howls if she’s left alone. She sleeps quietly through the night on her dog bed in her foster dads’ bedroom. Her energy level is low-medium. Long walks are a challenge when you’ve only got 3 legs!

Meadow shares her foster home with two other dogs. It took her 2 weeks to get comfortable with her new roommates and not feel the need to growl at them to defend “her” territory but it is now a great relationship! She could live with another dog as long as they’re calm and respectful, but slow and cautious introductions are essential! She has lived with a cat & is cat friendly. We anticipate she would get along well with older children.

 Although Meadow still has a lot to learn, she is smart and eager to please. She respects rules and boundaries once she understands them. She needs a family with the time and patience to work with her on her training needs. If that sounds like you, please fill out an application today!

Kheops | Accepting applications

Breed: Husky mix
Age: 11
Size: Large (approx 70lbs)
Energy: Low-Medium
Dogs: Y
Kids: Untested. Older only please!
Cats: Untested
Medical/Special needs: Will need to be neutered (adoption fee includes this) Otherwise healthy!
Adoption fee: $500
Status: Available / accepting applications

This easy going sled dog is looking for his perfect retirement home! Kheops has adjusted well to life indoors and is fully enjoying life’s luxuries.

He still loves to spend time outdoors, and goes on 4, 20-30 minute walks per day. A favourite pastime of his is snoozing outside in the sun! When his fosters come home he greets them at the door with happy tail wags, excited for the chance at a walk. Kheops is walked on a prong collar as he’s a very strong boy despite his age – he’s used to pulling sleds after all! He will generally calm down after the first half of his walk, but will get excited when seeing another dog/cat/rabbit, etc. His leash skills are something his forever family will need to continue working on.

Kheops is crate trained, and will happily put himself to bed in the crate when tired. He is house trained and not destructive. He loves to give kisses and is always up for a good brushing!

His ideal family would have a main floor or general common area with easy access where Kheops can roam and laze around. He would love a yard or an outdoor space to sunbathe, but he would still need multiple walks per day. He would do fine in an apartment, but again he’d still need multiple walks and outdoor time!

If this old boy has stolen your hearts like he has ours, please fill out an adoption application today!

Nova | Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd mix
Age: 8 years
Size: Medium
Energy: Low
Dogs: With patience and proper introductions she might be able to live with another calm/respectful dog.
Kids: N (teenagers would be ok)
Cats: Unknown
Medical/Special needs: As an older gal, she would benefit from supplements to help with arthritis and keep her joints happy/healthy.
Adoption fee: $750
Status: Available / accepting applications

After spending some time in foster care adjusting to life as a pet, sweet Nova is ready to find her forever family! She came to Canada all the way from BETA in Lebanon, one of our international partners. She spent her whole life at a shelter but is finally ready to find a family of her own.

Over all, Nova is a very calm dog. After adjusting to living in her foster home, she now enthusiastically greets her foster mom with kisses and a little dance first thing in the morning! She’s a low energy dog and likes to laze around the house. However she does love her walks and can be more energetic outside – who wouldn’t be when there’s so much to sniff and explore! She does tire out easily though and would not be a good match for a very active family.

Nova’s leash manners have come a long way. She walks politely and sticks close, and doesn’t pull. She’s pretty receptive to commands like “wait”, “come here”, etc. She is still walked with a slip leash and harness as a form of security in case she gets spooked and tries to bolt. She is a flight risk, and her forever family will need to continue using a slip lead as a precautionary measure (she has slipped her collar and harness in the past). Noises that have scared her in the past include: fireworks, loud cars that backfired, loud construction (ie not ordinary/everyday noises).

A little quirk about Nova – she loves to people watch from a distance and often keeps an eye on her foster mom through a mirror! She is crate trained and naps in her crate throughout the day and sleeps in there at night. She is house trained and is not destructive.

She prefers to keep to herself in the house. She hangs out near the front entrance and needs to be brought in/tethered in other areas of the house with people. Nova’s forever family will need to be patient with her as she adjusts to a new home and gains the confidence to explore. They would need to continue working on getting her comfortable in new areas of the house and new environments.

Nova’s ideal home is with a calm, consistent and laid back household in a quieter neighbourhood. A consistent routine does her well. She may be able to live with another dog that is calm and respectful, but proper introductions would need to be made to ensure they get along.

If you think that this sweet gal would make a great addition to her home, please apply today!

Maddi | Accepting applications

Breed: Best guess is lab/cattle dog/herding dog mix. Age: 5 years old. ✅Dogs. Playdates & compatible living companion. ✅Cats. Must be very dog savvy. Will chase if cat runs. ✅Adults. Kids – Unknown.

Five-year-old Maddi came to us from a shelter in Florida. When she arrived, she was withdrawn and scared of the world. With the help of her loving and patient foster family, she has come out of her shell and is ready for adoption!

Maddi is best described as a loving introvert. While her first impression may be aloof, she bonds very quickly and strongly with trustworthy humans. She loves to cuddle with her foster parents and lives for chin scratches. Previously, Maddi had been known to let out a low growl when she was feeling stressed or overwhelmed; these days she only lets out a grumpy low growl if you wake her up from a deep sleep. Crating her for naps helps her feel happy and relaxed and prevents the issue. She even goes into her crate unprompted when she’s ready for a minute alone. While Maddi hasn’t shown signs of separation anxiety, she loves to be included in what her humans are doing, so someone who’s looking for a sweet shadow would be ideal.

Maddi loves to go for long hikes and have playdates with dog friends. Her fosters find her very versatile: she’s happy to be active when you are, or stay in and snuggle when you need a rest day. She gets along well with dogs, and is ready to live with a compatible canine roommate. She’s come a long way in her confidence and is looking for dog savvy adopters willing to seek professional training to help maintain the progress she’s made (recommendations for trainers can be provided if needed!).

Fang | Accepting applications

Breed: Husky. Age: 7 years. Size: Medium. Energy: Medium ✅Dogs. ✅Kids. Older only please! ❌Cats.

Coming all the way from Lebanon, Fang is now looking for his forever home in Canada. He has the sweetest personality and is all poof! He greets everyone with a wag and almost never barks (unless you’re eating meat without sharing). Fang is friendly and polite with dogs. No cats please! 

He loves to explore new places and goes for long walks with his foster family. Fang does love to mark so he should initially be kept on leash when in a new environment. A belly band is a great tool to help with this!

Fang is a quick learner & a bit mischievous, so he’ll occasionally keep his foster family on their toes. He LOVES eating Kleenex and will find it in the most random of places. Distracting him with another item will help you get said kleenex back. Fang does not love his crate and takes a while to settle but is not destructive when left at home (just hide those socks and kleenex). Fang’s ideal family is one that would continue working on his training.

When not out for long walks, Fang likes to relax. Rather cuddling, he shows his love by checking in on his humans once and a while but is otherwise content to hang out by himself. He does however, love belly and chin scratches. He is described as a low maintenance dog by his foster family. 

To keep this poof looking his best, regular brushing and occasional grooming are necessary but don’t worry! Fang is well behaved in both a bath and a car.

Does Fang sound like the dog for you? Apply today!

Jack | Available for a foster to adopt

Age: 2 & a half years.                                   Breed: Husky mix.                                 Energy Level: High.                     Special Needs: Jack is very smart, so he will needs lots of mental & physical stimulation.                                ✅Dogs. Jack LOVES other dogs but is best suited for high energy dogs.                 ✅Kids. Older only, please! Jack is a tall, bouncy guy.                                        ❌Cats. Jack loves to chase.      

This former sled dog is sweet and cuddly in the mornings. Later in the day, though, he’s full of energy and he would love to join his humans on runs, hikes, or any kind of physical activity. He has bikejored before & would be a great candidate for other dog sports!

Jack enjoys all kinds of toys, but his favourites are tennis balls and puzzle games. He’s a smart boy, so it’s important to challenge his brain. He loves belly rubs, ear scratches (especially ear scratches) and naps on the couch. This loyal dog loves his foster mom and wants to be involved in everything she does. He is best suited for a family in which he will be brought along for adventures! His ideal family will be home/with him more often than not.

Crate training is still a work in progress. He cries when he first goes into the crate. However, his foster mom has left him uncrated several times while he was home alone and he was not destructive. He is house-trained. He walks well on leash, but if he sees a squirrel or another dog, he gets very excited and tends to pull. If Jack is in a new environment, he can be reactive to dogs. Once he trusts his human & new environment, this reactivity goes away.

Jack is a goofy boy who will keep you laughing! He knows sit, down, paw, other paw & is working on more commands.

Does Jack sound like the perfect fit for you? Are you an active person who could help this happy boy channel his energy? Please fill out an adoption application today!

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