Maddi | Accepting applications

Breed: Unsure – potentially a Lab/herding dog mix
Age: 5
Size: Medium
✅Dogs. Appropriate playdates only please! Maddi would be best as a single dog for now.
❌ Cats. She likes to herd! ❌Kids

Five-year-old Maddi came to us from a shelter in Florida. When she arrived, she was withdrawn and scared of the world. With the help of her loving and patient foster family, she has come out of her shell and is ready for adoption!

Butt scritches are the best.

Maddi is shy at first, but with time she bonds very strongly with trustworthy humans. She loves to cuddle with her foster parents and lives for chin scratches. Maddi has been known to let out a low growl when she’s feeling stressed or overwhelmed; crating her helps her feel safe during these times. She even goes into her crate unprompted when she needs a minute to collect herself. She needs a patient and experienced owner who will continue to show her that the world can be a safe and kind place. While Maddi hasn’t shown signs of separation anxiety, she loves to be included in what her humans are doing, so someone who’s looking for a sweet shadow would be ideal.

Maddi loves to go for long hikes and run around at the dog park. She gets along with the dogs she meets at the park, but is nervous with resident and visiting dogs in her home. As such, she’s looking to be an only pet at this time.

She’s come a long way in her confidence and is looking for adopters willing to seek professional training to help continue her journey in its positive direction (recommendations for trainers can be provided if needed!)

If you would like to meet our sweet Maddi, please fill out an adoption application today!

Ella | Accepting applications

Breed: Jindo mix. Age: 2 & a half years. Energy Level: High. Size: Medium (approx 50 lbs) Medical: None

Ella is a two & a half year old Jindo mix & she completely agrees with the saying that a stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met.

She’s not at all shy with new people; in fact, she will happily approach to introduce herself & hopefully get petted. She always wants to be in the same room as her foster family and will tap them with her paw when she wants attention

Ella loves other dogs, although she can be a little too excited at first & needs time to calm down in order to make a good impression. She likes to chase cats, so we don’t think she would be a good match for a household with cats or small pets. We would advise caution around small children, because she’s so bouncy & excitable that she might knock them down when trying to play.

She is a very energetic dog & will need daily exercise and mental stimulation to burn off her energy

She loves to play with her toys & her favourite game is tug of war. She is house-trained & crate-trained☑️

Our beautiful Ella is a spirited little charmer who’s sure to add excitement to your life!

If you would like to meet her, please fill out a no-obligation adoption application today at

Coco | Accepting applications

Breed: Maltese
Age: 9 years
Size: Extra small
Energy: Low – Medium
Special Needs: Someone home more often than not!

Meet Coco the Cuddlebug! This little guy LOVES people. He’s been calm and affectionate with everyone he’s met while in our care. His top priority in life is being around his humans, whether that means going for a walk in the park or dozing next to them on the couch while they watch TV. He greets people with his trademark toothy grin and lots of snuffling and sneezing.

The flip side to Coco’s loving nature is his separation anxiety. He hates being left alone, even if it’s just waiting outside a cafe for a few minutes while his foster mom gets coffee. He barks almost constantly when he’s home alone. He’s definitely not a candidate for apartment living!

Coco is housetrained but not crate trained. He hates the crate, since it prevents him from being close to his humans. He shares his foster home with another small dog, who he gets along with, and two cats, who he mostly ignores. When he meets other dogs on walks, he’s usually polite. Sometimes he will try to hump them to make it clear that his small size doesn’t stop him from being top dog. He walks well on leash. He’s pretty good off leash, but needs the occasional treat to reinforce his recall training.

Coco’s ideal forever home is one where there are people at home most of the time. Someone who will let him sleep in bed with them is a definite plus. He can live with other animals, but wouldn’t mind being the only pet in the house and getting all the attention and love for himself!

If you need a sweet, loving little guy in your life and don’t mind a bit of clinginess, fill out an adoption application today!

Jack | Accepting Applications

Age: 2 & a half years.                                   Breed: Husky mix.                                 Energy Level: High.                     Special Needs: Jack is very smart, so he will needs lots of mental & physical stimulation.                                ❓ Dogs. Jack LOVES other dogs but needs a firm owner who will teach him how to properly interact.                 ✅Kids. Older only, please! Jack is a tall, bouncy guy.                                        ❌Cats. Jack loves to chase.      

This former sled dog is sweet and cuddly in the mornings. Later in the day, though, he’s full of energy and moves at 100 miles per hour! We don’t typically ask for this, but he will definitely need a fenced yard. He would love to join his humans on runs, hikes, or any kind of physical activity. He has bikejored before & would be a great candidate for other dog sports!

Jack enjoys all kinds of toys, but his favourites are tennis balls and puzzle games. He’s a smart boy, so it’s important to challenge his brain. He loves belly rubs, ear scratches (especially ear scratches) and naps on the couch. This loyal dog loves his foster mom and wants to be involved in everything she does. He is best suited for a family in which he will be brought along for adventures!

Crate training is still a work in progress. He cries when he first goes into the crate. However, his foster mom has left him uncrated several times while he was home alone and he was not destructive. He is house-trained. He walks well on leash, but if he sees a squirrel or another dog, he gets very excited and tends to pull. 

Jack is a goofy boy who will keep you laughing! He knows sit, down, paw, other paw & is working on more commands. He occasionally gets mouthy and will play nip when very excited, so he’s learning how to wear a muzzle!

Does Jack sound like the perfect fit for you? Are you an active person who could help this happy boy channel his energy? Please fill out an adoption application today!

Paul | Accepting Applications

Age: 8 months
Breed: Lab/golden mix
Energy Level: High
✅ Dogs.
✅Older kids.
Cats. I like to chase!
Medical: Paul will need to be neutered. His adoption fee includes this.
Special Needs: No apartments as this boy has a loud bark. Puppy obedience classes.
Adoption Fee: $950

Paul has already stolen a lot of hearts through our social media posts, and now he’s finally ready to find his forever home! 

This sweet yellow Lab is full of puppy energy. He’s very playful and loves to give kisses. His other hobbies include digging holes in the ground, relaxing on the deck and watching the squirrels and birds, and carrying rocks around. He has some separation anxiety and is still learning manners, such as not jumping on guests. 

Paul is house-trained. Crate-training is a work in progress. He’s good about going in, but complains a lot when the crate door is closed. He’s made a lot of progress with leash walking but still pulls sometimes. 

Paul hasn’t had the chance to meet many children so far, but would probably do well in a house with older children. Because of his high energy level, he might knock smaller children down without meaning to.

Paul needs an active family who will keep him busy and help him burn off all his energy. A house with a yard for him to run around in would be ideal but not required. Since he’s still a puppy, his adopters will need to provide him with structure and training so that he can become his best self. 

If Paul sounds like the dog for you, please fill out an adoption application today!

Nikky | Available for a foster-to-adopt

Breed: Poodle Mix. Size: Small. Energy: High. ✅Dogs. ✅Cats. ✅Kids. 12+ & dog savvy only please! Medical/Special Needs: Resource guarding. His adoption will come with 5 free training sessions. Regular grooming needed.

Nikky may be middle-aged, but he’s showing no signs of slowing down! He’s full of energy and loves doing agility training and taking daily walks through the woods. He’s very smart and enjoys puzzle toys, snuffle mats and any games that involve hidden treats. He needs an active family to keep him busy and ideally get him involved in canine sports like flyball. 

Nikiky is not a cuddly dog, but curls up close to his foster mom when he wants to be petted. He is not a fan of being picked up or handled. He needs daily grooming to keep his coat looking its best. He has some resource guarding issues which his adopters will need to help him work on. His foster mom is a certified dog trainer and will offer 5 free training lessons to Nikky’s adopter to help the transition. 

He gets along well with other dogs and with cats, but he does have some prey drive when he sees a critter in the woods. For this reason, we would advise caution with other small animals in the house. 

Nikky is crate-trained. He is not 100% house-trained yet – he hasn’t quite mastered the art of letting his humans know when he needs to go outside, which has resulted in a couple of accidents. 

Does Nikky sound like the perfect canine companion to join you on your adventures? Are you willing to work with him to help him be his best self? If so, please fill out a no-obligation adoption application today!

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