Lance · Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd mixAge: 10 years old✅Dogs – slow intros✅Cats✅Kids 5+ or dog savvy kids – he loves them, he’s just clumsy✅Housetrained❌Crate trainedMEDICAL: Tripod, SEE BELOWStatus: Accepting applications, no adoption fee due to compassionate adoption status Lance wants to cuddle on your lap on the couch or look up from his dog bed with big I-love-you […]

Oly · Pending adoption

Breed: Husky. Age: Approx 8 years old. ✅Dogs. ✅Kids ⛔Cats or other similar animals Size: Large (approx 60lbs) Energy Level: Medium Medical: Needs to be neutered. This is paid for by the rescue. Adoption Fee: $750 Meet Oly! Described as a giant teddy bear, this retired sled dog is an absolute gem. He quickly adjusted […]

Lara · Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd mixAge: 1 year 6 months✅Dogs – yes, see below✅Cats❌ No kids please✅Housetrained✅Crate trainedStatus: Accepting applications Do you love taking the time to fix things and being rewarded with the result? Has someone told you you might have a hero complex? Do you have experience with training dogs and are looking for a loyal […]

Sibeok (Sibo/Sibby) · Accepting applications

Breed: Jindo mixAge: Approximately 11 – 12 months✅ Dogs❓Cats: Dog-savvy cats likely okay, but untested✅ Kids 7+✅ Housetrained✅ Crate trainedStatus: Accepting applications Sibo is a lover of dance parties and a friend to dogs and humans alike. He loves being included when friends visit and will calmly sit beside one person. He loves all his […]

Beckham · Accepting applications

Breed: Jindo Mix. Age: Approx 5 years old. Size: Medium [approx. 40lbs] Energy Level: Medium ✅Neutered & up-to-date on vaccines ✅Dog savvy kids. ✅Respectful dogs with proper introductions. Adoption Fee: $750 Hey I’m Beckham. I’m a little bit shy and I’m told I’m very sweet. I came from South Korea a few weeks ago and […]

Buzz · Accepting applications

Breed: Boston Terrier. Age: 10 years old. Energy Level: Low ✅Kids ✅Dogs ✅Cats Hi, I’m Buzz and I’m looking for my best friend. I was recently surrendered by my owner. I’m a pretty low energy guy. I’m looking for someone who is home more often than not but I can be left alone. I’m crate […]

Koukla · Accepting applications

Breed: Mixed.                                     Age: Approximately 3 years.           Size: Very small Adoption Fee: $750 ⛔Kids, dogs, cats. Koukla would love to be the center of attention in your life! Energy Level: Medium.            Medical: She has previously had a herniated disk in her back, so currently is on limited mobility with things like stairs, jumping, longer walks. Meet […]

Bronx · Accepting applications

Breed: Mixed MuttAge: 1.5 years old✅Dogs. Slow introductions a must!✅Cats. Slow introductions a must!✅Housetrained✅Crate trained⛔ KidsStatus: Accepting applications Meet the majestic Bronx! He initially lived on the streets in Lebanon with his brother Bowser before being rescued by BETA Lebanon. Rocky Road Rescue brought him to Canada and he was placed in a foster home. […]

Kamik aka “Mikey” · Accepting applications

✅Dogs. ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Breed: Husky Mix. Age: 11 years old. Energy Level: Medium ✅Neutered & up-to-date on vaccines Hey! I’m Kamik, retired sled dog and friend to all. I’m good with humans, dogs, and cats. Another dog in the home makes me feel much more comfortable, but since I’m an older guy, the dog(s) must […]

Bowser · Accepting applications

Breed: Mixed.                                     Age: Approximately 1.5 years.        Size: Medium. Energy Level: Medium ✅Dogs.                                                   ⛔Kids.                                                    ⛔Cats Medical: None. ✅Up-to-date on vaccines & neutered Adoption Fee: $750 Hey, I’m Bowser. I came to Canada in search of my forever home back in September. I had a little bit of a rough start – I was really overwhelmed with […]

Pinceau · Accepting applications

Breed: Husky Age: Approximately 4 years old Energy Level: Medium Medical: Some toes initially broken on his front paw. Healed on their own – no further medical attention needed. Will probably develop arthritis in them. ✅Dogs. Living with female dogs only please! ✅Kids. 12+ only. X Cats or other small animals. Meet Pinceau! This young […]

Maddi | Accepting applications

Breed: Best guess is lab/cattle dog/herding dog mix. Age: 6 years old. Size: Medium [approx. 40 lbs] ✅Dog play dates. Single pet in the house only please! ⛔Cats. ⛔Kids Energy Level: Medium Six-year-old Maddi came to us from a shelter in Florida and when she arrived, she was withdrawn and terrified of the world. With […]

Thunder · Accepting applications

Breed: Husky mix. Age: Approximately 7 years old ✅Neutered. ✅Up-to-date vaccines. Energy Level: Medium. Size: Large (approx. 60lbs) ✅Dogs. ✅Kids. ⛔Cats or small animals. Medical: Some vision loss. Doesn’t impact his life in any significant way. Adoption Fee: $750 Hey I’m Thunder! I was previously a sled dog and then ended up at a shelter […]

Nasa · Accepting applications

Age: 10 years oldBreed: Husky mixEnergy Level: Low to mediumSize: Large, approx 60lbs.Dogs. Yes, please! I find comfort in having other dogs around – low energy females are best!Kids. Dog savvy, please!Cats: No cats or other small animals other than dogs.Medical: Mild arthritis in his hips and knees. Underwent successful entropion surgery.Special needs: Currently on […]

Tikaana · Accepting applications

Breed: HuskyAge: 8-10 years old✅Dogs✅KidsCats: UnknownHousetraining and Crate training: Work in ProgressStatus: Accepting applications Adoption Fee: $750 Tikaana is a blue eyed, all-white husky who is often smiling. She’s a medium energy girl who enjoys belly rubs and cuddles and wants all your attention. She loves to meet new people and would benefit from having […]

Holster · Accepting applications

Breed: Mixed. Age: Approximately 1.5 years old ✅Large. Skinny but tall! ✅Dogs. ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Older and dog savvy please! Adoption Fee: $750 Medical: Blind in both eyes. ✅Neutered & up to date on shots Special Needs: Preferably a house with fewer stairs and a layout that stays the same. He can do stairs with guidance. […]