Wilma • Accepting applications

Wilma Breed: American Spitz Age: 2 years old Energy: Medium Dogs Cats Housetrained Crate trained Kids, untested but likely ok Medical: Needs to be spayed (this is covered by the rescue), & brushing Wilma a few times a week is recommended to keep her fur clean and un-matted. Status: Accepting applications Hi, I’m Wilma! I’m […]

Sultan • Accepting applications

Breed: Lab (probably a mix)Age: 8 years oldSize: XL. 100lbs as of August 31st Medical: Typical of labs, prone to ear issues. Overweight. Should be around 80lbs, not 100lbs.✅Up-to-date on vaccines.✅Neutered ✅Dogs✅Cats✅Kids Adoption Fee: $750 Meet sweet senior Sultan! A recent owner surrender and shelter pull, Sultan is adjusting well. Typical of labs, Sultan loves […]

Betty • Accepting applications

Breed: American SpitzAge: 2 years oldMedical: Needs to be spayed. This is covered by the rescue. Poor teeth hygiene. Will need daily brushing. Size: Small (currently 15.6lbs)Energy Level: Medium to high❓Cats✅Dogs. Prefers all of her human’s attention so best as an only dog at home.⚠️Kids. Older only and need to respect her space. Adoption Fee: […]

Filla – Pending meet & greet

Breed: Jindo/WhippetAge: 1 year old✅Other Dogs✅Cats, slow intros✅Housetrained✅Crate trained✅KidsMedical: prone to dandruff – putting her on a fish based diet and/or adding omega to her diet is recommendedStatus: Accepting applications Filla is a curious and loveable girl, who is very affectionate with her people. She loves to give lots of kisses and can often be […]

Freddy & Souris (Bonded Pair) – Accepting Applications

Breed: HuskiesAge: 8 year old siblingsOther Dogs: yes, but slow intros please as we can be nervous nelliesX Cats: No cats or small animals, due to prey driveHousetrainedCrate trainedKids: older respectful kids pleaseMedical: Freddy had 1 seizure prior to entering our care but no further symptoms since then. It is suspected this was caused by […]

Dimitri · Pending meet & greet

Breed: Husky mix. Size: Medium (approx. 35lbs) Energy Level: Medium – High. Age: approx one year old Dogs. Must live with another friendly dog, preferably a younger playful one. Cats. Kids 12+ Neutered & up to date on vaccines. Adoption Fee: $750 Hey, I’m Dimitri. I’m kind of a shy guy when it comes to […]

Lara · Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd mixAge: 2 yearsDogs – yes, see belowCats No kids pleaseHousetrainedCrate trainedStatus: Accepting applications Are you looking for a fuzzy best friend with a big heart? Do you have experience with training dogs and are looking for a loyal companion? Well, have we got the dog for you! Lara was a former street dog […]

Bowser · Accepting applications

Breed: Mixed.                                     Age: Approximately 2 years.        Size: Medium. Energy Level: Medium Dogs.                                                   Kids.                                                    Cats Medical: None. Up-to-date on vaccines & neutered Adoption Fee: $750 Hey, I’m Bowser. I came to Canada in search of my forever home back in September. I had a little bit of a rough start – I was really overwhelmed with […]

Maddi | Accepting applications

Breed: Best guess is lab/cattle dog/herding dog mix. Age: 6 years old. Size: Medium [approx. 40 lbs] ✅Dog play dates. Single pet in the house only please! ⛔Cats. ⛔Kids Energy Level: Medium Six-year-old Maddi came to us from a shelter in Florida and when she arrived, she was withdrawn and terrified of the world. With […]

Thunder · Accepting applications

Breed: Husky mix. Age: Approximately 7 years old ✅Neutered. ✅Up-to-date vaccines. Energy Level: Medium. Size: Large (approx. 60lbs) ✅Dogs. ✅Kids. ⛔Cats or small animals. Medical: Some vision loss. Doesn’t impact his life in any significant way. Adoption Fee: $750 Hey I’m Thunder! I was previously a sled dog and then ended up at a shelter […]

Holster · Accepting applications

Breed: Mixed. Age: Approximately 1.5 years old ✅Large. Skinny but tall! ✅Dogs. ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Older and dog savvy please! Adoption Fee: $750 Medical: Blind in both eyes. ✅Neutered & up to date on shots Special Needs: Preferably a house with fewer stairs and a layout that stays the same. He can do stairs with guidance. […]