Nasa · Accepting applications

Age: 10 years old
Breed: Husky
Energy Level: Low to medium
Size: Large, approx 60lbs.
✅Dogs. Yes, please!!
✅Kids. Dog savvy, please!
❓Cats. Untested, not recommended.
Medical: Mild arthritis in his hips and knees.
Special needs: None.

Nasa is a newly retired sled dog now looking for his permanent retirement home! He is a happy-go-lucky kind of dog and is described as easygoing and laid back by his foster mom. He loves to carry things around the house, whether it be his toys, his food bowl, slippers, shampoo bottles and even barbie dolls. He takes great pride in putting things where he thinks they belong. Thankfully, he doesn’t chew or destroy anything. He also loves to sleep with his little teddy bear.

Car rides are always interesting with Nasa, as he likes to sing songs, often completely out of tune, sounding more like a mix between Chewbacca and a howling husky.

He is very food motivated and loves to look at his human eating, hoping that some will fall for him to catch. He loves to be in the kitchen when food is being prepared and considers himself an excellent taste tester.

Nasa is fully crate trained & will choose to lie in it on his own. He is also non-destructive when left uncrated and alone. He is always happy to see his foster mom and will go straight to her, but does not jump or bark.

Nasa is great with other dogs, male or female, little or big. As with most huskies, he does have a high prey drive and may take you for a ride if a squirrel runs by in front of him. Because of this prey drive, cats are not recommended. Nasa is currently living with a 7 year old human and is great with her!

Nasa does pull when walked on a leash. His dedicated foster mom has practiced with him and his leash walking has greatly improved from when he first came into care. Nasa’s adopter should continue with the use of his halti & with positive reinforcement training. Don’t let his age fool you, he loves his walks, although as a result of his mild arthritis, shorter, more frequent walks are recommended. Nasa will also take himself for an adventure if he gets loose so no off leash time for this guy unless in a fully secured area.

He has also shown some resource guarding with his food, toy and personal space (crate or favorite laying spot in the living room). Although this hasn’t happened often, it could happen again in a new home, with another dog. Nasa also loves to be the leader and doesn’t like to wait (he needs to be first, to go outside, to eat, etc). There has been some improvement but his adopter would need to continue working on setting rules, boundaries and limitations so that he doesn’t rule over everyone else (other dogs included).

Nasa would thrive in a household where his humans are home more often (e.g. teleworking or retired). He can live with another calm, well behaved and confident dog. He has learned a lot from his foster brother but could also do well being the only dog in the house. Nasa needs a home where he can feel loved, receive affection but also, a home where his human can dedicate time and energy to help him build confidence as he is still shy with people sometimes and to work on his very minimal quirky habits.

Do you think you can give Nasa a great retirement home? Apply now!

Jack · Accepting applications

Breed: Husky Mix. Age: 2 & a half. Energy Level: High

✅Dogs. Best suited for high energy playmates!

✅Kids. Dog savvy & older only please as I am a bouncy boy!

⛔Cats. I like to chase and play!

HI! My name is Jack. I’m looking for my forever family. I’ve been in the rescue for a while now – I think I come off not super great in writing but I’m honestly a pretty great guy.

I’m the best hiking buddy and also like to swim! I would be so great for an active individual or family who would want to include me in their adventures.

I’m very smart and learn quickly. I would love to work with you on more training. Right now, I can sit, lay down, jump through a hoop, middle (go in between your legs), and figure out dog puzzles! I have also been sledding and bikejoring and did well with both! I’m really quite the catch.

Once properly exercised, I am a snuggle bug. I nap and like to cuddle with you. People really are my favourite thing. Because of this, I have some anxiety when I’m left alone. I went through a lot of changes in a short time and it wasn’t the best so I get a little nervous at first that my humans won’t come back for me. I take a little bit of medication to help me with this and I’ve gotten much better with the structure and love that my fosters have given me. I’d love to go to a dog sitter if you do have to leave me.

I’m hoping to be home for the holidays. Apply for me, or if we’re not a good match, will you please tell people about me?

Fang · Accepting applications

Breed: Husky. Age: 7 years. Size: Medium. Energy: Medium ✅Dogs. Play dates only please! I prefer getting all the attention at home. ✅Kids. 12+ & dog-savvy only please! ❌Cats.

Coming all the way from Lebanon, Fang is now looking for his forever home in Canada. He has the sweetest personality and is all poof! He greets everyone with a wag and almost never barks (unless you’re eating meat without sharing). Fang is friendly and polite with dogs but has displayed some resource guarding of items when the other dog does not respect his space. Toys & food should be appropriately managed. No cats please! 

He loves to explore new places and goes for long walks with his foster family. Fang does love to mark so he should initially be kept on leash when in a new environment. A belly band is a great tool to help with this!

Fang is a quick learner & a bit mischievous, so he’ll occasionally keep his foster family on their toes. He LOVES eating Kleenex and will find it in the most random of places. Distracting him with another item will help you get said kleenex back. Fang does not love his crate and takes a while to settle but is not destructive when left at home (just hide those socks and kleenex). Fang’s ideal family is one that would continue working on his training.

When not out for long walks, Fang likes to relax. Rather cuddling, he shows his love by checking in on his humans once and a while but is otherwise content to hang out by himself. He does however, love belly and chin scratches. He is described as a low maintenance dog by his foster family. 

To keep this poof looking his best, regular brushing and occasional grooming are necessary but don’t worry! Fang is well behaved in both a bath and a car.

Does Fang sound like the dog for you? Apply today!

Bronx · Accepting applications

Breed: Mixed Mutt
Age: 1.5 years old
✅Dogs. Slow introductions a must!
✅Cats. Slow introductions a must!
✅Crate trained
⛔ Kids
Status: Accepting applications

Bronx is a very nervous mixed mutt from Lebanon with lots of adorable quirks. He likes getting his nose honked and prances like a horse when he walks. He is “a collector” of shoes, slippers, toys – anything he can get his paws on – and will hide them in his crate for later. He is also a new and really big fan of snow. ☃️

His adoptable family will need to be aware that he is a very nervous dog and work with him to build his confidence and trust. It is because of this nervous nature, that we would recommend no children. Bronx will need to be introduced slowly to new people, other dogs and new situations/surroundings. His crate is his safe place. 癩

Once Bronx is comfortable, his true personality starts to shine. He smiles around you, plays with you by bouncing in circles, and likes to put his little head on your lap to get pets. And as his foster says, “he has a twinkle in his eyes that will melt your heart.” ✨

Bronx’s perfect home would be in a quieter neighbourhood or in the country, with a fenced yard to romp around in safely, as he gets scared when cars pass by and is generally a nervous fella. A family with no kids and the patience to help Bronx learn how to trust and how to come out of his shell is ideal. 

Lexa · Accepting applications

Breed: Husky mix
Age: 1 years old (2 in January)
❓Cats: Unsure
❌Crate trained
✅Kids: yes, but she might be a bit jumpy
Status: Accepting applications

You may have seen me on the internet already…as Rocky Road Rescue’s “Parkour” Dog! And if you did, you will see that I am quite talented at jumping, running, doing flips and basically anything that combines high energy and athleticism! I still consider myself a puppy after all!

It’s really important to me to have another playful dog in my forever home. I make friends easily with other dogs and I’m really loyal once I’ve found my mate and will spend most of my days by their side cuddling and playing. This also helps me manage some of my separation anxiety. Do you have another dog looking for a best friend? I might be the one!

When it’s not playtime, I do love to cuddle in bed by your feet or on the couch with my humans and dog bestie. When I’m especially happy, my whole body wiggles with my tail.

I really hate the crate even though my foster family has been trying to work on it with me. I’m non-destructive so hoping my new family is okay with not crating. I don’t bark or cry when left home alone but I will sleep at the door waiting for my humans.

I can be a bit picky where I go to the bathroom, so a backyard would be great for me as I hardly do my business on a leash. Although my recall is horrible, I love to run long and wide, so fenced dog parks are my favourite.

Do you have a dog looking for a bestie and time/appreciation for a high-energy parkour dog? Then I’m your gal!

Jude · Accepting applications

Breed: White husky
Age: 8-10 years old
✅ Dogs
✅ Kids
✅ Housetrained
❌ Crate trained
👀 Cats: Work in progress
🦷Medical: will need dental extractions (the rescue is covering this expense)
Status: Accepting applications

Hi! I’m Jude and looking for my forever family to spoil me with love and cuddles for the rest of my years.

I stand out with my snow-white fur and near-constant smiles, but I’m most importantly known for my famous toe-tapping and head waving dance. I love to do this dance when I’m excited. Doesn’t that sound like a nice way to be greeted when you come home?

I prefer my canine companions calm and not too bouncy. I have a hard time settling down around cats – in fact, my manners kind of fly out the window – but with time and effort and the right cat, I could learn to share my space. Talking about sharing…I’m also working on occasional resource guarding with my dog friends when I’m eating. I hear this is pretty normal for rescue dogs, so I’m hoping to find someone willing to work with me on this.

Back to how lovable I am? I recently found out I LOVE snow!! I love to roll around in it and make snow angels. I’m friendly with other dogs and kids of any age. I’m housetrained, have low energy, I’m a dream on a leash and am even an angel on car rides. 😇

Because of my age, my dream home would be one with limited stairs. I’m also looking for humans who are generous with the head scratches and belly rubs and who will take me on lots of walks… I LOVE going on walks… in fact, my foster family says my adorable happy dance can get anyone excited about walking!

Interested in adopting me? Please fill out an application!

Tikaana · Accepting applications

Breed: Husky
Age: 8-10 years old
Cats: Unknown
Housetraining and Crate training: Work in Progress
Status: Accepting applications

Tikaana is a blue eyed, all-white husky who is often smiling. She’s a medium energy girl who enjoys belly rubs and cuddles and wants all your attention. She loves to meet new people and would benefit from having a big yard or a nearby fenced area to run and play.

She is learning about her singing voice, and thinks her songs sound pretty nice. However, a detached home is probably preferable for this musical gal.

Another cute husky quirk about her is that she likes to have full conversations with you, replying like she understands everything you say. Who knows? Maybe she does!

Tikaana is still working on her crating manners overnight, some leash reactivity to squirrels and communicating to her humans when she needs a bathroom break. As an older lady, she takes daily fish oil supplements to help keep her back in good shape.

If you’re interested in this sweet beauty, please fill out a no obligation adoption form.

Hog · Pending meet & greet

✅Dogs. ✅Cats. ✅Kids 10+

✅Crate & house trained. ✅Neutered. Age: Approximately one year and a half. Breed: Mixed

Hey, I’m Hog and I’m a good boy! When you come home, I will greet you while happily wagging my tail. I like to be in your presence. I’m not overly cuddly but I do enjoy a good scritch scratch.

I am nervous and a little bit skittish so I can be a flight risk. I’m still learning about the world and find the whole thing kind of scary to be honest. My ideal home would be somewhere quiet. I’m happiest when I’m on an off leash trail hike [in a safe, fenced in area] with my human, dog, and horse friends! These adventures help me decompress from the scary world. If you don’t have access to a fenced-in area, a long line is a great tool!

My foster is a professional dog trainer and is teaching me all sorts of things. My ideal family would continue with my training and building my confidence.

I recently discovered toys and they are lots of fun! I was initially scared of my puzzle toys but then I found out that you can find treats in them and I love those.

I don’t need to live with another dog but that would be nice! I find their presence comforting. I’m also cat friendly.

Please apply for me if you’ll be patient and can continue to show me that the world isn’t such a scary place. I’m told that I’m definitely worth it.

Kona · Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd. Age: 1.5 years. ✅Spayed. ✅Up-to-date vaccines Medical: Blind in right eye due to being shot. Remaining pellets, otherwise unaffected. ✅House trained

✅Kids. Dog savvy and older only please! ✅Dogs. Energy Level: Medium

Adoption Fee: $750

Hello! My name is Kona! I arrived from Lebanon a few weeks ago and have settled in well with my foster family. I just love being around them. I like to greet them with lots of tail wags and hugs to show my appreciation for them. I like to be close by when they are home.

I’m always up for a walk or rope toss in the backyard but I also do like my nap time and cuddles. I’m crate trained and like to put myself there sometimes for a nice quiet nap!

I love my dog friends too so I would love to have a dog friend to live with or dog play dates. When I get excited, I will sometimes mouth but don’t worry, I don’t bite! Dogs communicate a lot with their mouths and I’m just learning that sometimes humans don’t appreciate this.

When I first came here, I was terrified of walks. I’m getting much better but still get scared sometimes. Please be patient with me – it’s a big world out there! I do well with reassurance.

I hope to become part of your family soon so I can give you lots of affection, spend lots of time together, and continue my confidence building. Hope to see you soon!

Holster · Accepting applications

Breed: Mixed. Age: Approximately 1.5 years old

✅Dogs. ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Older and dog savvy please!

Medical: Blind in both eyes. Special Needs: Preferably a house with fewer stairs and a layout that stays the same. He can do stairs with guidance.

Hey I’m Holster! I know my eyes look different – I’m blind in both eyes. I’m originally a street dog from Lebanon and while I was there, someone shot me in the face a few times. It was pretty awful but I didn’t let it get me down! I still love humans – probably more than anything else. There were a bunch of them who were super kind to me after I had been hurt.

I’m still pretty young so I can be a bit silly! I’m bouncy sometimes because I’m just so excited to see people. I can occasionally steal things to chew so please make sure that I have appropriate toys and that I’m crated if you have to leave me alone.

I bark a little bit at first if you crate me during the day but that’s just because I’d rather be with you. I sleep well in it overnight though, sometimes in the shape of a pretzel.

I live with several dogs and cats and I’m great with them all! I play with my dog friends in the backyard sometimes and it’s so much fun. I’d love to have a fenced backyard to get all of my sillies out.

Since I was a street dog, I wasn’t used to being walked on a leash but I’ve come a long way since being in care!

I hope to join your family soon – the bigger, the better! I would love to have someone with me more often than not. Hope to meet you soon!

Lira · Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd Mix. Age: Approximately 3 years. Energy Level: Medium. ✅Spayed. ✅Up-to-date vaccines

✅Dogs ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Dog savvy and older please!

Oh hi there! I’m Lira and I love hugs. Can I give you one? Did we just become best friends? Yes we did!!!

I’m super cuddly and super fast. I love to relax with you indoors & I love to run outdoors. Best of both worlds, you know?

I’m a goofy gal and keep my foster laughing. I live with two dogs and some cats and some humans and it’s so great. The more the merrier, I say! I do occasionally get intimidated by men so please ensure my family includes a female handler.

I’m a little silly and I like to steal socks. I also try to steal toys when my dog friends aren’t looking teehee. I used to be a big counter surfer but my foster has been helping stop my food thievery. My adopter should continue teaching my basic manners.

I’m okay in my crate I guess. I have a little bit of separation anxiety and I howl sometimes when my foster leaves the house. I just love people so much I sometimes can’t help myself. Because of this, apartment living is not for me. I don’t want your neighbours to be mad!

I’m so excited to meet you and give you a hug so apply today!

Stella · Pending adoption

Age: 3 years old. Breed: Shepherd mix. Size: Medium (approx 55lbs) Energy Level: Medium Medical: None. Special Needs: None

✅Kids 8+ ✅Dogs, polite & calm only please!

Oh goodness HI!!! I’m SO excited to be friends. My name is Stella. I greet my foster family with a tippy tap dance because I want them to know how much I love when they come home.

My favourite hobbies included walks, bird watching, and getting attention. I spend hours in the backyard if I can – so many birds, squirrels, and other things to see! I do jump up and paw at you for attention but I’m told this is not polite so I’m learning not to. I’m very good on leash!

I currently live with a dog but I don’t want to play. I’d much rather have all of the human attention or play by myself. If I do have another dog in the house, a calm and respectful one only please! I really my space and I don’t really want to share my human’s affection.

I like to smile with a scrunched up nose when I’m very happy or when I know I’ve done something I shouldn’t! I figure no one can be mad at my toothy grin and I’m always right!

I am crate trained and I’m learning some basic commands. I’m food motivated so continuing my training should be relatively easy.

I do think people are the best so please be home more often than not & include me in any adventure that you can! I can’t wait to meet you!

Yava · Accepting applications

✅Dogs. ✅Cats. ✅Dog savvy kids. Age: 1.5 years. Breed: Dutch shepherd x malinois mix

Size: Medium (approx 30lbs) Energy Level: Medium. Medical: None. Special Needs: None

Oh hi. My name is Yava. I’ve been told I’m a very good girl. If I had to pick my favourite thing, it would be human affection. I like to greet my foster human by wagging my tail, doing a little circle, and giving her a hug.

I’ve been told that photos don’t do me justice and that I’m even more beautiful in person. I have little tiger stripes.

I currently live with two huskies and a cat! We all get along great. I do show a tiny bit of resource guarding – when I’m eating and one of them passes by, I growl a little. I’m easily redirected away from this behavior! My foster calls my name and I go to her – affection is more important to me than food.

If I live with other animals in my forever home, please feed me separately or manage this behaviour please! I mean no harm – I came from a shelter in Lebanon that has over 800 dogs and this is just the way we communicate sometimes.

I love to go on long walks (also known as sniffsniffsniff time) and I get zoomies and like to play! If properly exercised, I am low key inside. I like to snuggle or nap near you.

I am a smart cookie and I’m still young so a family that continues my training would be great. I love to use my brain!

I’m still shy with new people, especially men, so please be patient with me! I’m told that I’m more than worth it. I respond well to lots of positive reinforcement.

I am good in my crate but I’d much rather be with you so a family who is home more often than not would be so lovely! Please apply for me if you sound like my perfect fit.

Ravi · Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd. Age: 2.5 years Size: Medium (approx 45lbs) Medical: None. Special Needs: None

✅Dogs. Proper introductions please! ✅Kids. 8+ please! ⛔Cats or other small animals

Hi! I’m Ravi and I’m told that I’m pretty awesome. People tend to like my large expressive ears. When I meet them, I sometimes like to roll over for belly rubs. Belly rubs are the best, aren’t they?

I like polite dogs, kids, and chicken! I love my walks & will play with my toys and dog friend at home. I like to share my space and things with others.

Like a typical shepherd, I’m reactive to dogs while I’m on leash. I like to shout “hey what’s your name?” over and over again so I can look a bit intimidating to some. A gentle leader helps to redirect me. I have a very high prey drive so I get very fixated whenever I see a squirrel or other small animal. I will try to pull towards it and not to brag but I’m pretty strong. Familiarity with leash reactivity & my breed would be best!

I have lots of energy for adventures & I’m excellent in the car. I also like to relax and occasionally snuggle when I’m at home.

I’m a great family dog & would prefer to be included in everything you do. If you do have to go out, please crate me as I like to explore the house and see what’s around to play with. You might have to convince me to go into the crate but did I mention I like chicken? Once I’m in there, I’ll wait for you to get home.

Are you my perfect match? Apply today!

Radar · Pending meet & greet

✅Dogs ✅Cats ✅Kids. Dog savvy please!

Age: 1 year & 4 months. Breed: Mixed. Size: Medium

Medical: None. Special Needs: None. Energy Level: Medium – High

Meet gentle Radar, a friend to all! She recently arrived from Lebanon. Initially found as a puppy wandering around in rough medical shape, Radar grew into the most lovely soul. Her best physical feature is definately her one down & one up set of ears.

Radar as a puppy.

She lives with both a cat & a dog friend and would love to live in a home with other animals! Radar was initially painfully shy and her fur friends have helped her come out of her shell. She also likes to play with her dog friend!

“This is my cat friend.”
“This is my dog friend.”

Radar loves her walks & easily goes for 1.5 – 2 hours per day. She still has energy to burn & loves to play with her toys for about 30 minutes a day. Her ideal family is an active one.

Radar is completely crate trained & considers her crate her safe space. She is crated while her foster is at work.

Radar has come a very long way since first arriving in Canada but a patient family is a must! She is still overwhelmed by new experiences & thrives by having a predictable routine, including familiar walking routes. The 3·3·3 rule/guideline definately applies here!

This little lady has discovered snow for the first time and has morphed into a complete Canadian gal. She loves to play in the snow and would love some winter adventures.

Is this energetic cuddle bug the perfect fit for you & vice versa? Apply today 🙂

Bruna · Pending meet & greet

Age: 2 & a half years Breed: Lab mix Size: Medium Energy Level: Medium to high

✅ Dogs. ✅ Kids. Medical: None Special Needs: Currently on a temporary rice & kibble diet to firm up stool.

Meet friendly Bruna! She is quite the gem. Arriving from Lebanon just a few weeks ago, she was eager to make new friends (both human & dog) and settled very well into her foster home. She is currently living with a foster sibling and gets along great with her.

Bruna loves to play, both with her foster sibling and with toys! She is a chewer & is learning not to counter surf. Any beloved items should be kept up high! Bruna is also completely crate trained. She stays in her crate when her human goes out – this keeps her safe by preventing her from getting into anything she shouldn’t.

Bruna’s ideal home will be a family who is home more often than not or who will take Bruna on adventures with them. She is good on leash unless she sees a squirrel friend. She also wants to say hi to humans & dogs but can be corrected.

Bruna still needs to learn basic commands – she would benefit from bonding with her humans in training classes.

If Bruna sounds like your perfect fit (and vice versa) apply today!

Pinceau · Accepting applications

Breed: Husky Age: Approximately 4 years old Energy Level: Medium Medical: Some toes initially broken on his front paw. Healed in their own – no further medical attention needed. Will probably develop arthritis in them.

✅Dogs. Living with female dogs only please! ✅Kids. 12+ only. Cats or other small animals.

Meet Pinceau! This young retired sled dog is now ready for his forever home. His favorite thing is cuddling! His ideal family is one where someone is home more often than not. His crate training is still in progress

He is currently living with a female dog and they are great friends. Absolutely no cats or other small animals, please!

Pinceau is always excited to go for a walk but with proper exercise, he is calm in the house. He also loves to play with toys, especially ones that squeak!

If you’re looking for an adventure buddy and a snuggle buddy, apply for Pinceau today!

Piston · Accepting applications

Breed: Husky mix
Age: 8 years old
Size: Large
Dogs: ✅️
Cats: Unknown
Kids. Older & dog savvy only, please!
Medical needs: This boy would benefit from supplements due to his older age.

If you’re looking for an easy going, calm housemate, then Piston is your guy! This retired sled dog is truly enjoying life’s luxuries and is taking advantage of his new found life of leisure.

While he loves to laze around indoors, there’s nothing he enjoys more than a good walk outdoors. He’s a strong boy and his foster parents are working on his leash manners. He is mainly being walked on a harness, and is slowly getting used to walking to a gentle leader!

As he’s lived outdoors most of his life, there are still some aspects of living indoors that are new to him and can make him nervous. But he has adjusted well! Piston is slowly learning how to play with toys, and is absolutely amazed at the TV – he will stare intently when it’s on! He’s crate trained and house trained, although he did have a few accidents inside at first. So we expect the same may happen when transitioning to his forever home. But he tolerates wearing a belly band, and adjusted to his new bathroom routine relatively quickly! 

Piston’s ideal home would be in a quieter household, with lower energy levels. He would be happy as a single dog or with another doggy sibling. He has displayed minor resource guarding with his food towards other dogs so this will need to be managed if he lives with a friend.

If you’re looking for a doggy partner to spend lazy days with, apply for Piston today!

Meadow · Pending meet & greet · Accepting applications

Breed: Shepherd mix. Age: 8 years. ✅Dogs. Slow introductions, please! ✅Cats. ✅Kids. Older only, please! Medical: Tripod. Has arthritis. Supplements needed.

Meadow may be missing a leg, but that doesn’t stop her from living life to the fullest! She loves to run around the backyard in her foster home, then relax by curling up on a lounge chair to watch the birds. Ear rubs are her favourite thing in the world. 

Meadow spent many years at the BETA shelter and is still getting used to living in a house. She has made a few attempts to counter-surf. Her fosters have noted that saying a firm “no” is enough to correct any undesirable behaviours. She is house-trained and her crate-training is coming along well, but she howls if she’s left alone. She sleeps quietly through the night on her dog bed in her foster dads’ bedroom. Her energy level is low-medium. Long walks are a challenge when you’ve only got 3 legs!

Meadow shares her foster home with two other dogs. It took her 2 weeks to get comfortable with her new roommates and not feel the need to growl at them to defend “her” territory but it is now a great relationship! She could live with another dog as long as they’re calm and respectful, but slow and cautious introductions are essential! She has lived with a cat & is cat friendly. We anticipate she would get along well with older children.

 Although Meadow still has a lot to learn, she is smart and eager to please. She respects rules and boundaries once she understands them. She needs a family with the time and patience to work with her on her training needs. If that sounds like you, please fill out an application today!

Rocky Road Rescue